Weekend Excursions: SF Bay Area

5 Nov

For you to get out there and shake that hog, HOO BOY!

$350.00 Paul McCobb in San Mateo! (Original Post)

$5.00 – a seller in Hayward is going crazy! Check out all their stuff! Including the next item..(Original Post)

This $10.00 lamp! (Original Post) Check their post for a link to a photobucket with more available CHEAP items.

$450.00 for the table, $220.00 per chair. That’s $1330.00 for the set, yeesh. If you’re INTO IT. In Fremont. (Original Post)

Teeny love seat. Look at that velvety greeniness. Wooosh. $300.00 in SF. (Original Post)

$75.00 for the set of — GREEN bedroom furniture. @ Sebastopol. (Original Post)

$150.00 for the set in San Jose. (Original Post)

Rad adjustable foot stool! $45.00, Santa Rosa (Original Post)

$100.00 Knoll chair in SF. (Original Post)

Oh they know it…. $250.00 in SF. (Original Post)

$600.00 for the set! Oakland. (Original Post)


Whoa, whoa whoa — 3 levels? Really? $60.00 Emeryville. (Original Post)

7 foot long wacky boomerang couch! $350.00 in Oakland. (Original Post)

$130.00 modern coffee table in SF. (Original Post)

Just listed as “400.00” – not sure if that’s for the set. Could be amazing in the right setting. (lots of animal furs.) Oakland. (Original Post)

$180.00 for corner table, $150.00 for coffee table in SF. (Original Post)

$250.00 in SF. (Original Post)

$2500.00 “AWESOME ViNTaGe 1960’s STeeLCaSe SoFa & CHaiR!” East Bay. (Original Post)

$640.00 for the set! (Original Post)

$380 from the sale dealer —

as well as $480.00 for this one. Same dealer. (Original Post)

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