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Craigslist: Owl towel rack- Sacramento

8 Nov

* Lady squeal
10.00 in Sacramento
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Craigslist: Matching Coffee Table and End Table – $250 (Midtown)

8 Nov

Large matching set coffee and end tables. Sturdy polished wood, a great set. Unique surfboard-style lip to the table top edges on each piece. American made Basset Furniture brand, 1960’s style, would look great in a Mid Century style home.

This fantastic set is also being sold in Midtown Sacramento. Only $250. Get it! (original post)

Craigslist: Vikings!

8 Nov

Thas right. Thas right. You gonna be real happy with these guys.
The extra amount of adorable and companionship. How could you not.
20.00 In Sacramento
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Craigslist: Teak chair 25.00-Sacramento

8 Nov

I really like the shape and wood grain of this little bean. Maybe he could be one of those bedside chairs?
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Craigslist: Mid Century End Table – $100 obo(Midtown)

8 Nov

This is one lovely end table! (original post) I. want.

Around Town: 57th Street Pt. III

8 Nov

On Sunday I went to the usual thrift spots my boyfriend and I usually hit up. 57th Street is always a favorite for us to get lost in for an hour or so. Here are some photos from that journey. Some of these photos are from writer Toni’s booth she has there!

Craigslist Sacramento

8 Nov

Not sure if this is a repost? $300.00 Lane Coffee table. (Original Post)

Two very rad dinette style matching chairs for $150.00. I’m really into the back cushions, they look like my Dux chair! (Original Post)

$50.00 dresser with matching mirror! This is in Yuba City – her son wants to make his room “UFC decor” so it’s gotta go! ASK HOW MUCH FOR THE FURBY. (Original Post)

This seller is getting rid of lots of stuff, including this rad teak bar for $200.00 (Original Post)

General Electric kitchen cabinet with rad red formica top, $150.00 (Original Post)

Mimomito News Update: We like cupcakes.

8 Nov

Writer Toni hosted us and filled us with adorable home made coopcakies that we inhaled. Talk of some fun new features to come and ways to make Mimomito more awesome. Get stoked!

Craigslist: Matching Green Lounges, $100

8 Nov

Oh wow. These are incredible! They are $100 for the set because one is coming apart slightly at the joints but looks like it only needs a good smackerin’ to tap it back into place. I can’t read the tag, but am very curious to the brand of these chairs! May the best man win! (Original Post)

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