Community: This weekend! The Sacramento Antique Faire

11 Nov

This Sunday is the Sacramento Antique Faire. I still have yet to shell out my hard earned $3.00 for the entrance fee and go, but maybe you all have some feedback for newcomer to the Sacramento area Arin, who asks:

Being new to the area we wanted to ask you about the antique show this weekend, wondering do we need to be there at opening in hopes of finding decent pieces before dealers buy them, and we actually don’t know if it is a good place to find MCM items. Can you give us any idea of what to expect or if its worth attending?

I know a few of you Mimomito watchers had commented and mentioned some of the good and the bad aspects of the Antique Faire – but what advice do you have on this matter? Waste of time or great place to snack on some kettle corn and then touch some priceless antiques?

One Response to “Community: This weekend! The Sacramento Antique Faire”

  1. Chris J November 11, 2010 at 12:31 pm #

    Yes! Go! This is my favorite “public event” in Sacramento. There is so much to look at. Some nice MCM stuff too. Not a lot, but enough to keep me going back. Last month I picked up a like-new Broyhill Brasilia night stand for an absolute bargain price. Also saw an incredible “atomic” lamp (asking price: $525-yikes!) that I’m still thinking about as well as a Jere wall sculpture I’m going back to look for this month. For $3 it makes for a nice morning and who knows what treasure might be waiting for you?? Be sure to haggle a little (or a lot). Street parking is a hassle, but I always seem to find a spot–eventually. If you expect to be buying, take a wheelie-cart of some sort if you have.

    The “early birds” get there by 6am! By 9am the place is packed. Best prices are to be had just prior to dealers packing up for the day in mid-afternoon.

    Have fun!

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