GIT’R’DONE: Terrariums

11 Nov

If you’ve been thrifting for awhile you have probably noticed the delightful amount of Coffee Pot Decanters that you come across. Then after this beautiful recognition there is this other heart breaking realization that possibly you will not know what to do with them. You’ve already got a fancy tea-pot/beverage vessel that serves your guest. (DILEMA! Nah nah we got this)

You cant possible pass up beauties like this? Right?:

RHAN on etsy

Ugly santa

Tid Bitz

Whenever my dear friend Alicia comes over she comes bearing gifts (peep the homegrown pomegranates) and pots some plants for us/saves our barely existing plant life from death. She just brings over a bunch of plants and asks ‘so where do ya want them?’ I handed her my decanter and sun tea jar. She made da magic:

These are her finished products:

The plant she used for this little guy is eventually going to hang down. I am real excited to keep this guy going so’s I can see that.

Get it? It’s a desert!

I added some extra fancy stuff to the terrarium to give it that extra pizzaz. Here’s a link for some terrarium fillers you can buy. I made a lot of mine from wood plugs/pegs, that I got from Michael’s. Just paint the tops red and add some white dots.
Also (MORE LINKS!) here’s a very helpful instructional video on how to make terrariums:

One Response to “GIT’R’DONE: Terrariums”

  1. Serene November 11, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    Lurve it so much :)

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