Thrifting: Berkeley, Oakland, and Vallejo (Part One)

16 Nov

I finally got a Saturday off. Serene doesn’t get to go thrifting with us  very often, so we all hopped on the opportunity of group thrift-scoring. We decided we should check out the East Bay. Starting off in Berkeley, then going to Oakland and working our way down. Coffee was a must.

Oh and breakfast.

Yeah we saw this and yeah we stared. (Hint: Look at the undercarriage! Ack!)

He stared back.

First stop was Berkeley’s Out of the Closet.

Color organization? Interesting.

Two pyrex mugs that matched my set at home. I really liked the shape… but if I came home with anymore dishes the husband woulda shook his finger.


With this thing you can actually recycle your old Folgers tins.

The Cellar.

I dont know how a kid would’a played with this thing, but I really liked the way it looked.

This place had a ton of nifty postcards from a lot of different time periods. We spent some time digging through them so Toni could score some from the era we all love and adore.

Dear asparagus drawing,
I really regret that we did not end up in each others’ lives permanently. Your lines and color would have been a treat to have around. I wish you the best and a good home.
Sincerely yours through spirit and grief – Joe.

Next up was Salvation Army in Oakland.

I really like fruit and veggie sculptures. At the Thrift Town on West El camino they had a set of wooden ones that were very extensive (it even had walnuts). It was there for a very long time, and even my husband picked it up on one of our visits. I should’a owned that thing.


This thrift store had a really great assortment of records. I searched through them all to find some good looking covers:

I bought this one because of the illustrations and how interesting I thought it would be to hear what a nun would sing about. I didnt realize till after the purchase that she only sang in french : \

OI. So many fonts on one piece of paper.

When my little sister was 13 she got into Beethoven something heavy. She had a lot of dark makeup and swooshy bangs. I got a real kick outta her explaining Beethoven’s genius to me, how he was the greatest musician that ever lived, how people should listen to more of him, and all the why’s that accompanied her strong opinions about this classical musician. This Beethoven infatuation lasted for a really long time. I always look out for records of him to give to her. Usually they have some kinda clip art as the cover. This is the first one that I have come across that is very modern and without a picture of a grumpy old man.

Of all the records I didn’t get this is the one I am real sad about.

Driving to Souley Vegan.



Deep breath in annnnd out. Urban Ore

After I saw the sleeping cat I knew I was somewhere I needed to be.

I really enjoyed this thing’s mirror.

Hello cute mustard plastic cups.

Leave Oakland and drive out into the sunset/toward Vallejo.

First stop SAC Thriftstore. I bought this:

For two dollars.! :] It matches my plant stand! (More smileys :D :D :D)

This place was great! There was a lot of fixer uppers/opportunity going for a very fair price.

Poor guy’s leg was lil’ disconnected but Toni said it could be an easy fix.

*eye brow raise “HERRO!”

This place had a really great selection of vintage clothes.

The epic saga of fitting furniture into the car continues.

We had to fiddle with it a bit but we finally won this battle.

Last one was Eco Thrift, formerly Value Center.

I had to take a smoke break for myself before we headed back to Sacramento. One of the employees asked for a cigarette from me, and when all his fellow Eco co-workers had left the outside entrance it was just me and him. Smoker’s etiquette played it’s role and the young gentleman began a conversation with me:

A: You waitin’ for a ride?
B: Nah. I am waiting for my friends to get done thrifting.
(moment of silence)
B: So you guys getting ready to close?
A: Nah we open till 8.
B: Oh. That’s pretty late for a thrift store. I am sure your stoked to get home.
A: Yeah. It has it’s ups and downs. It’s not much working here ya know…but I get 40 hours a week.
B: Dude that is awesome. You’re getting paid. I know in Sacramento that getting that many hours is just slim to none. You share your job basically with like 3 different people. And whenever a job opens up there is like 30 people competing for it with you.
A: Damn that’s rough. So you’re from Sac?
B: Yeah.
A: What the hell are you doing here?
B: *Laughs. Me and my friends have a blog about a certain era of furniture. We try to travel to nearby cities to find the best places to get it. We went to Berkley and Oakland today too. Those places were decent…but man Vallejo has been real good to us.
A: Shit man. That’s a first. I aint never heard anyone say Vallejo did any kind of good for them ever.
After this East Bay experience my hat is definitely tipped to you thrifters who live there. It is hard and I have mad respect yo for any of you who can do it. I would love to hear and see some of your greatest thrift scores!

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