Craigslist: Couch and stuff

17 Nov

I’ve been pillaging craigslist for over an hour now. Even used some questionable search terms. I couldnt pass up posting these things. A good ol’ couch is hard to come by.
This guy is being sold for 285.00 in SW Reno.
Original post

Look at them legs. This guy is hanging out in Penryn for 500.00.
Original post

I dont see these guys too often. When ever I do though they never fail to cause me to gasp and throw my arms in the air from midcentury flurries. It has been my dream to own a roll top desk since I moved away from home. I didnt have enough room when I was younger nor the money to purchase anything but junk food and cigarettes. I thought it was impossible to find a way to get a Rolltop desk to fit my home’s decor now until I saw this. There is hope. If you are a Roll top enthusiasts as well check out the original post. It’s going for 195.00 in Reno.

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