GIT’R’DONE: Art for your wall.

18 Nov

Photo transfering is probably one of the most easiest things a person can do in their life. Me, you, everyone could possibly do this. :]

Here’s the materials you will need.
1. Xylene or Blender marker.
2. A piece of wood. I got mine from the wood section at Michaels, where they sell airplane making kits. The company is called Revell. Feel free though to use any surface you would like.
5. Well ventilated area. I did mine in my house so I could take pictures. I def would not suggest for you to do so. The smell is pretty strong and will def give you a headache. SAFETY FIRST DUDES.

Alright you have two products to choose. Blender markers are sold at Michaels. They usually run you about 6 dollars. Xylene is essentially the same thing only not in marker form. You can get this at Ace hardware. It is def a lot cheaper than one marker and it lasts longer (I’ve had mine since I was 15!). If your gonna buy a tub of this stuff you will need a flat strong brush.

DONT WORRY YOU’RE NOT CONFUSED! When you are preparing your image you want to set everything backwards. That way when you transfer the image it will be the right side up. Also make sure that your image is black and white, and that you printed your image with toner I.E crappy printer, I.E Kinkos. No laser printer folks.

Get a feel for where you want your images to go.

Double check! ;]

Take the plunge and start going over your image with the blender marker/xylene.

I would suggest covering your image in sections. It would be really sad if you got all the way done and forgot to transfer a hand or something.

I give about each section 6 back and forth strokes. You want to make sure that your image is slightly bleeding like above. That is an indication that your image is transferring over nicely.

You are going to get some texture. Dont freak out. It happens. It’s almost the beauty of photo transfers.

Put it up and you are done!
Here is the image I used for mine. My husband Ben drew this for me. It’s our first collaboration (awesville). You are def not limited though to any image or surface. See here:

I am not going to suggest for any renter’s to do this^^^. I don’t know if you got some crazy kinda toilet that traps funny sayings on it’s surface and never let’s go. Usually though Xlene will put the image on Plastic/Porcelain/Glass and take it off very easily. So there ya go dudes. Have at it. Amaze people with your artistic talents! :]

4 Responses to “GIT’R’DONE: Art for your wall.”

  1. serene November 18, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    IT IS REALLY EASY! It makes so much more sense now. I was so confused by this at first, ha!

  2. joe mountain November 18, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

    :D Very easy.
    Just wear gloves though and a mask. I am not kidding about this stuff being real stinky.

  3. alicia November 18, 2010 at 11:50 pm #

    nice, but there’s one thing that’s not clear to me–i apply the chemical to the printed image once i placed it upside down, right? what tool do i use to “press” or rub it down?

  4. joe mountain November 19, 2010 at 6:31 pm #

    If youre using a blender marker there isnt any additional tool needed. It applies pressure on it’s own.
    If you are using a brush though just a soft swipe of the hand will work. WEAR GLOVES.

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