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Craigslist: Here and there.

22 Nov

This table looks like it needs a tid bit of love and appreciation (work). Going for 60.00 in Redding.
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This cute and teeny lil’ bean cabinet is going for 20.00 in Redwood city.
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bigdiddayday: DAYUUUUUM GURL!!!!!!!PWL HUTCH PWL
RETrohUTcHgUrlY: 250.0, walnut, San Leandro ;]
Sometimes I really dislike instant messaging.
(PWL=price, wood, location.I made that up…yeah it’s kinda lame)Original post

I really dig all the colors going on right here. Look at that white and those lighter legs. Ye. This Stereo is going for 200.00 in Willo Glen.

“Grundy Fleetwood Stereo 1960’s am/fm stereo with turn table
1960’s am/fm stereo with turn table
works good a must see”
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“Solid Pecan Buffet and China Cabinet for sale. Would consider it to be an antique as parent’s purchased them in the orient in the 1950’s or 1960’s. They were handed down to me. China cabinet needs one leg to be repaired and both pieces need to be refinished. Overall in fairly good condition and perfect for a small apartment or condo. Make offer by replying to this email. You will need to provide your own transportation.”

There isn’t any Price listed for these gentleman. But they are in Folsom.
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This guy is going for 350.00 in Hollister.

“Neat 3 drawer chest/curio cabinet by the famous Beverly Hills designer, Phyllis Morris of “Morris Of California”. Features staggered drawers and top, original mirrored back and glass shelves with sliding doors. stamped inside top drawer reads: ” Architectural Modern By Morris Of California”. Measures: 52″ X 19″ X 33″. Condition: The piece is structurally sound but has been refinished in the past 50 years. The hardware is not original, but a replacement of the period. It has various bumps from the years which has caused some of the veneer to chip on the edges of the drawers, (see images). We have seen a desk from this same MFG. which was listed at $3k. This is a remarkable example of 1950’s modern furniture and will certainly enhance any retro interior.”
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I know some of you are fans so um 895.00 in Lincoln.
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Two night stands (they are sticking their tongues out at you!) for 80.00 in Vacaville.
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Craigslist San Francisco – Let’s do this.

22 Nov

$475.00 in San Mateo. (Original Post)

1450.00 for this whole set or buy each piece separately? I don’t even know why that’s an option. (Original Post)

$550.00 for the set. Now that’s more like it.(Original Post)

$120.00 Wassily knock off. (Original Post)

$250.00 for a Sculpta! (Original Post)

$65.00 for bent plywood back stool (Original Post)

$75.00 in Saratoga. (Original Post)

$60.00 for 4 “need work” orange danish chairs. Brush off that crap and get ’em! (Original Post)

$200.00?? What’s going on? (Original Post)

$380.00 in Santa Rosa. (Original Post)

$1500.00 for a Brown – Saltman set! Again with the angry eye cabinet! >:| (Original Post)

$400.00 from the same dealer. (Original Post)

Thrift Town Sale Coming Up

22 Nov

Get there early and snag those good lamps and dishes!

5005 Stockton Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 454-0435 410

El Camino Ave
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 922-9942

6328 Fair Oaks Blvd
Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 480-0312

Dry spell.

22 Nov

Craigslist Sacramento is looking a little sparse lately.. the only thing that I’ve found interesting are these two chairs.

According to the seller, for $100.00, you can get these two chairs. The description says that they  SWIVEL AND ROCK..!!

We’ll start posting out of Sac finds soon.. don’t worry. (Original Post) Those chairs are a regular ZZ Top..

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