Thrifting: Fairfield

24 Nov

This week we went to Fairfield and got some tips from the Locals. Also if your one of those types who shops a year in advance for christmas:

50 percent off sale at the Goodwills on Friday dudes. Strap up your boots and get ready for elbow pushing. Alright alright back to current thrifting.


On the road. ps. That sign is one of Tonii’s favorite.

First stop was Thrift center.

This guy had little starbusts etched into the glass.

Not mid-century modern…but that color is gorgeous.

If I didnt already have a lot of projects I woulda taken this guy under my wing. His little feet were just enough steel and slenderness.

Reno piggy bank. I almost got it because I thought it witty to own such a thing.

This poor dresser was in a pretty bad state and 80.00 dollars. Who can saves him?

I am so stoked to decorate a tree this year!

On top of appreciating avocado green things…I think teal is something to gander at. It looks great against light woods.

I read from Emily Henderson’s HGTV blog this wonderful bit about collecting older photographs of other people:

” Anything can be art. Frame it or don’t. Yep, you heard me. It could be an old map, an old love letter, a silhouette, a collection of antique spoons, student artwork, industrial letters or stencils, even random portraits or vintage photographs of people you don’t know. Some people have problems with this last one, but I find other people’s lives and histories endlessly fascinating. I’m not talking weird glamour shots from the ’80s, I mean photos from the ’30s of a decked out family picnicking at the beach with an original Ford in the background or a late ’60s gathering of hippies at a party. You can find something interesting and provocative in moments from the past, even if it has nothing to do with your own.”

I like the idea of having a collage of other people’s life. Especially when I get some kids running about. I feel like maybe if you expose them a little to other people living it would help them to be more caring and understanding. Because I know for myself I often am more unsympathitc/mean to people when I loose sight of them having families, experiences, tribulations of their own I.E them being human.

Toni bought this cute 50’s christmas tie for her boo.

We Got it Thrift store.

This thing made me flip my wig. Fortunately it was not for sale. Because I woulda bought it and then woulda had to explain to my husband where we are going to put it/ why I need this.

Bird cages are pretty sweet.

I really wish I was around for the conversation these two dudes might be having with one another.

Crystal ball flower arrangement (I never thought I would say such a sentence).

Good will

There was an employee there named Nancy. She was the absolute sweetest thang I have met thrifting. I been eyeing these bad boys above^^ but me being oblivious and all I could not figure out how it worked. Nancy helped me with that. Then I didnt want to pay the 5-6 dollars they were charging. Nancy helped me with that too! She sold it to me for half the price. Such a doll.
Last and probably least to some of you….


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