27 Nov

Stella is a ridiculous amalgamation of sketch comedy writers from MTV’s 90’s show The State, who later made Viva Variety on VH1, Reno 911 now on Comedy Central, and the fantastically delightful feature film Wet Hot American Summer. Stella started as an internet sketch comedy show starring Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, and David Wain, but was taken on by Comedy Central for a short lived run that is available to watch on Netflix.
Now, the humor may not be everyone’s cup of tea — there’s a lot of grown men wriggling on the floor and screaming and awkwardly timed punchlines. But if you’re into that kind of thing, as I am, then watching Stella will be a treat. Not only do you get to enjoy the brilliant antics of Michael Showalter, David Wain, and Michael Ian Black — but you get to lick your lips over their apartment furnishings. They look like cheap American knock-offs, but I’ve found myself watching an episode and saying “Hey! I saw both that dove-tailed Lane end table AND that lamp on Craigslist!”

In this particular episode, the guys grow a vegetable garden in their apartment. Yep. Grade A quality writin’.


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