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A Very Etsy Christmas

28 Nov

Lucky for me, my friends and family all love Midcentury, Danish Modern, or Vintage Modern things. I’ve already done a lot of gift shopping for inexpensive and unique gifts on the site. They have everything for the vintage enthusiast to the dachshund enthusiast (my family loves wiener dogs).

So here’s a short and sweet Etsy gift guide — or, brain massager if you will — of the kinds of gifts available on

Gifts Under $100

$95.00 Teak and chrome lamp

$85.00 Wall scupture

$55.00 Set of 6 dishes

$55.00 Vintage Relief Globe

Gifts Under $50

$50.00 Danish lamp

$31.25 Set of 2 wall sculptures

$45.00 Wall clock

Gifts Under $25

$20.50 Hot/Cold Bucket

$5.00 Button Set

$24.00 Teak Candy Dish

$10.00 Candlestick Holders

$15.00 Dog figurine

Homes, Sweet Homes: Jon and Jose

28 Nov

Who was nice enough to let us feature their home: Jon and Jose

What they told us about the home: It is 1600 square feet and one of the first homes built by Jones and Emmons for Joseph Eichler in 1955. It had three owners before them.

Where is the home located: South Land Park, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved it: Built in 1955 and they moved in November 2007.

Why they chose this home: They knew they wanted an atomic ranch styled home. This particular home was off the market, but they were able to convince the owner to sell it since it had been vacant for three years.

Jon and Jose were kind enough to be the first featured home in our new section, “Homes, Sweet Homes”. You may have seen their amazing house on the Mid Century Modern Home Tour — they had the fabulous bamboo floors, the vivid colors and the awesome collections of lamps and starburst wall clocks. I’m so thankful that we could come back and view the home on a more personal level. Here are some of the lovely photos that Serene snapped:

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Here is my interview with Jon regarding great finds, great style and great home accomplishments. Enjoy!

What attracted you to MCM design?

Being a baby boomer and growing up in the early 60’s and having 1950′ 60’s and 70’s furniture. Also ,living in the Mid West, Prairie Style and Frank Lloyd Wright architecture was everywhere. Started collecting MCM things in Iowa in the early 80’s and then San Francisco after the big move.

Favorite designers and influences in design?

I enjoys all the major designers (Eames, Nelson, Knoll, etc), but mostly buy what catches my eye. Kind of prefer Danish Modern, but also some Atomic Age as well.

How do you feel about reproductions?

They have their purpose. Most originals are out of my price range, or if purchased, you don’t want to use them for fear of damage. If it looks good, then great, as long as the quality is good. Own a gorgeous Plycraft lounge chair.

Furniture wise, what do you think you should invest in?

Buy something that is classic, of high quality, and will keep its focus in your home for years. A bedroom set, dining room table, or a case study sofa. ( That sofa will be my future purchase!)

What are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

I do most shopping on Ebay, great finds at yard sales, 57th street antique mall. I have actually found a reproduction Nelson bench and a MCM inspired club chair at Home Goods.

Best finds? From where?

Laurel lamp at a yard sale for 12 bucks. Awesome chairs that were given by a friend. Also snagged another Laurel lamp from an estate sale for $15.

Greatest achievement in your home? Biggest challenge?

Biggest achievement is making our guests feel comfortable. Making the home warm and welcoming.

Biggest challenge is the constant upkeep of owning an Eichler home. The homes are totally made of wood and are living breathing organisms as well as a termite’s dream. They do need constant attention because of all of the exterior beams and tongue and groove ceiling over-hangs. The flat roof sections are also prone to leaks if not roofed correctly. Heating and cooling is also a challenge because there are so many large windows. But, it is all so worth it as they are some of the most comfortable places to live due to the open space and light.

Future projects?

Kitchen remodel, working on two rooms and landscaping

Home inspiration recommendations?

Atomic Ranch, CA Modern (Eichler owners get a free subscription), old Sunset magazines and classic movies and TV.


For remodeling: Take your time! You’ll be stuck with it a long time if it’s projects like tile work, etc. Also, choose a good contractor, get recommendations from friends, and try to help with some of the work to save money. Try to keep the integrity of the original design as much as possible. Sometimes you may get a home that has been “remuddled” by a previous owner/s and there are irreversible changes made that were not MCM. Make the best of them as well as you can. Some owners are purists and want to restore their homes to their original glory, but sometimes it’s impossible due to budget, building codes, or the above mentioned remuddles. I say, if you love MCM design, use whatever inspiration you want to feather your nest.

And as for furniture, just make sure you’re comfortable and you like looking at it everyday!

Thanks again to Jon and Jose for welcoming Mimomito into their home!
If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

Craigslist: Starburst Clock, $75

28 Nov

C’est POINTY! That’s a good lookin’ clock. (Original Post)

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