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Craigslist: Starburst wall clock 75.00- Sacramento

6 Dec

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Oh and

Look at them padded sides. That’s so you wont fall out of your chair when you receive shocking news. They are being sold for 20.00 in Natomas.
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The color of these chairs are scrumptious. 225.00 in Anderson.
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I’ll admit that I am not too sure what this thing is…the seller’s posts states that you could hang it up in your garage, so it must be like something that greasy men (who are also into midcentury things) would be stoked on. It is being sold for 40.00 in Chico.
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Craigslist: HWF Coffee table 425.00: Lodi

6 Dec

I really like the name. I always imagine some beaver kid being like
“Hey Wood Wakefield!”
And Mr. Wood Wakefield being like:
“Hey Bobby.”
Then they are out of earshot of one another and Wood mutters to himself about kids keeping off his lawn and supper being on time.
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Craigslist: Coffee table 100.00: Oroville

6 Dec

Them legs remind me of that awesome Kegan coffee table. Pictures are kinda deceptive…but it looks like it could use a stain?
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Craigslist: Dining table and hutch 200.00-Sacramento

6 Dec


“Mid-modern walnut color dining room set. Round pedestal table with two leaves, four chairs with original fabric, four foot buffet with glass front hutch with display storage. In good condition. Moving, must sell. Willing to negotiate.”

Tall people take note of those chairs. Ultimate back support no matter the height.

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Designers: Aunt Bucky Modern Bedding

6 Dec

Our reader Rebbeca has an awesome business of making modern bedding, decor and apparel. This is what she told Mimomito about her business:

We create Baby Bedding / Shadow Pillow / sMock Dresses that the have look/feel of retro fabrics. Our collection would look awesome in a mid century styled home.

We have just introduced our new Modern Baby Quilts and are having a great sale right now: Purchase 1 Bumper Set and 1 Crib Sheet/or 1 Crib Skirt and get a FREE Shadow Pillow (retail value: $65.00)!
Info about us and all our photos are on our Etsy shop:

Here are some examples of her baby bedding:

Please “like” them on Facebook and check out their etsy store.

Craigslist: Newly reupholstered chair set

6 Dec

Wowzers. $750 for a set of two and a lot of exclamation points to describe their worth. (Original Post)

A vintage Sacramento.

6 Dec

Cordova Lodge, 1950’s U.S. 50, Sacramento, California (via)

Congress Inn (via)

Food Circus in Arden Fair.This place looks great! (via)

Holiday Inn. Apparently still around? (via)

Flagstone Motel. It makes Sacramento seem like some awesome dinky town in Southern California. (via)

Sacramento Inn, Arden Way. Concrete luxury. (via)

Stop’n’Shop. Guessed to be located around 28th and L. (via)

Before Pancake Circus, it was Al & Bud’s Platter. If you had an undercooked meal it’d be Al & Bud’s Splatters for you. (via)

Who has got some great ones? C’mon, I want to see some from the burbs.

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