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Craigslist: Please be safe!

7 Dec

As you know, we absolutely love Craigslist. Unfortunately it is not always safe as we’d like it to be though. Times are rough, Christmas is approaching and people are desperate . A couple of days ago a man and his son were robbed at gun point here in Sacramento during a Craigslist dealing. Here are a few tips to keep in practice while participating in Craigslist transactions:

-Talk to people on the phone

-Google the house before you get there

-Bring a second person

 -Leave the cash in the car (if it’s a lot) until you see the item.

-If item is small enough try to meet in a public place.

For further reading of the recent Sacramento robbery check out the Sacbee. I also googled “Sacramento Craigslist Robbery” and found some disturbing results. Be cautious and maybe bring some pepper spray just in case. 

Sorry for being a debbie downer, I just want you guys to be safe and happy. :)

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.

7 Dec

This post was inspired from our friend Gretchen’s post about a “Merry Mid Centurty Christmas”. Check out her post about where to shop locally for vintage Christmas decorations. Since I don’t have much time to do personal shopping, I thought I’d post what’s available online (while being on a budget).

These adorable ornaments are only $8. (Dresden’s Vintage)

Send out your Eames christmas cards. $16 (sweetperversion)

…or how about Charley Harper cards? $11.95(amazon)

Pair of large light up Santas $18 (Scooter’s Shop

6ft Pom Pom tree with Color Wheel $150 or best offer (DeathBySexy) <– silly name

Can’t forget your wrapping paper. $3.50 (grandmothersattic)

Blue holiday party dress $80 (Coldfish)

Not quite Mid Century, but I love cheesy stuff like this. (DevaniNYC)

1960’s X-Mas tie. $8 (chocolatnegro)

Now you have some of the staples to have a holiday party. I’ll let you know where to send three invitations. :)


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