Craigslist: Buffet 125.00- West Sacramento

10 Dec


“Hello all. I just refinished this buffet. It was blond and the finish was flaking off. I used a satin finish and here it is. This would really look cool with a flatscreen ontop. Size: 80 inches wide 11.5 inches deep 28 inches tall”

It’s pieces like this that get me interested in what Midmod enthusiasts think about colors and thee combination of them in their home. Mid century pieces can have some really awesome natural color in their wood-and I am interested in what colors people put in their homes to work with that. For awhile now I’ve been kinda glooming over how little individual pops of color there is in my place. It almost feels like there’s too much mad men office swag. I’ve been looking into ways to make things pop cohesively. We’re at the tail end of our home decor adventure, alls left now is to put up some pictures and my husband’s set of Vinyl toys. I am hoping that’ll bring some cheer in there. Basically what I am getting to is…help a sista out yo ;]! If you got a place that you want to share that is bouncing with color how bout sending that our way so’s us color deficients can get some pointers. Thank ya thank ya :D
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