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Craigslist: Yeller’ Dinette

11 Dec

Family owned since the 50’s, has some wear and tears on it, asking $250.00 in Stockton. (Original Post)


Craigslist: Overman Chair

11 Dec

Seller is asking $225.00 for this Overman chair. I love the orange Overmans! This dude needs some reupholster work, but a great chair. (Original Post)

Sale Away: MCM Midtown Yard Sale

11 Dec

Our friends Stefan and Erin are having a yard sale today in Midtown Sacramento. It will last until 3pm and I will be here for another hour or so. Stop by and say hello!

2623 H street, Sacramento CA

There is also a gorgeous hutch that they just brought out!

Also, stay tuned for our “Homes, Sweet Homes” feature of Erin and Stefan’s house tomorrow. It is goooooood!

Saturday cartoons: Gaston go home

11 Dec

Gaston Le Crayon was originally released in 1957. It was produced by Bill Weiss and directed by

Connie Rasinski^^^
The shapes and solid colors in this cartoon just give you the feel goods for the illustration that was going on at that time. Good work Terry toons.

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