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Craigslist: Wooden organizer

13 Dec

There’s nothing really special about this thing – it’s just a wall rack. But I sure do like it. $15 in Elk Grove. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Fabric-Holland…yeah.

13 Dec

Original post

Original post

Sometimes I like to check what’s going on in the castle of Herman Miller Junk aka Holland-Michigan. I should stop doing it because I get really mad afterwards and that’s not healthy. But it’s nice just to see whats going on in other states. Today I saw this and figured maybe he could send it…maybe he’s into Paypal? So I emailed dude (yeah I was really into this idea an hour ago) and he was on board. Thing is after I got all stoked about the idea and sharing it with you I thought about all these terrible things happening like dude chippin some poor soul two yards or something and then them having to go through a big ordeal of shipping and yelling and then someone possibly shooting the poor messenger joe. If your sketch like me but are still into the fabric maybe try eames fabric

They offer a lot of different color options like this above teal (RAD) and some fabric from other artists:
Alexander Girard

George Nelson

Arne Jacobson

They a bit pricier but I dunno peace of mind-there is no price. For those of you interested in taking your chances check out that be safe post we did.

Craigslist: Chandelier 125.00: Vallejo-Benicia

13 Dec

I like all the different colors this thing has going on and that wooden base. I also enjoy Benicia at night time. In the day time that Oil refinery looks very horrific, but at night it lights up like the Emerald City and seems majestic.
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Craigslist: Chairs 150.00- Redwood City

13 Dec


” Set of 6 mid-century side chairs/dining chairs. Very good condition.”

Does that mean six of these bootifully green, cream, and yellow chairs go for the 150.00?
Me thinks it would be kinda awesome to wine and dine in some thing like these.
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Craigslist: Orange fireplace with screen

13 Dec

If you’ve got the hookups, then by all means, I Implore you, hook it UP! It’s in East Sacramento.

1970’s fireplace with screen and gas logs. (Original Post)

Magazine Racks

13 Dec

Us writers were recently talking about how for some collectors, there’s the one item that you occasionally obsess over and collect. Rose and I both have a thing for finding magazine racks and scooping them up. Well, I don’t really buy them, I just get very interested in looking at all the designs I can find.

Photoshop post-production does not make me want to pay $120.00 for this. But I like it, nonetheless.

$17.50 – I sure hope the 70s dixieland record is included. But doubtful.

$32.00 for the punchy metal blackness.

16.00 bones.

I have a new found appreciation for lucite. $42.00

Oof, wood + circular cutaway + little card holder.. yes. $22.00

Orange! $32.00!

This is the same one I have from the Salvation Army! Selling for $35.00.

FOR YOUR BONES! Collapsible wooden rack for $58.00

$100.00 oh hey there.

$38.00 on its tippy toes.


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