Finn Juhl: “The father of Danish furniture.”

14 Dec

Finn Juhl got his start in design with architecture. He was persuaded by his father to study that instead of art history. Ya know how parents are sometimes.
He got into furniture much like everyone else does… by getting his own spot. Around 1947 Demark started to look at Juhl’s way and he got the buzz. He soon got a deal with Bovirke and France & Son and in 1951 Juhl got into the states from the Baker furniture inc located in Grand Rapids Michigan. Alright alright lets get to some pictures:


This is the Trusteeship Council in the UN building. It was a gift to the United States from Denmark. They chose Finn to design the furnishings for this section.
Also if your ever in Denmark check out Finn’s home:

For more information and photos check out the Metropolismag finding a home
If you are interested in owning some of his work (I am thinking about the future future-stuffs pricey)Onecollective is the sole owner of Finn’s designs and own his estate. Check out their website for more on Finn’s life and work.

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  1. Serene December 15, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    this is GREAT!

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