Weekend Excursions: San Francisco Bay

17 Dec

$600.00 for the set and other HM goodies from nice folks at Great Dane Modern (Original Post)

$40.00 in Emeryville. (Original Post)

$100.00 from the same seller. (Original Post)

$65.00 in San Rafael. Hey now what’s that smell – we must be in San Rafael. (Original Post)

Wacky ergo chair, $65.00 in SF. (Original Post)

Mini-arc lamp for $150.00 in SF from MCMF. (Original Post)

Reupholstered Kofod Larsen chair for $495.00 in Oaktooown (Original Post)

$275.00 in Concord – it’s a slat bench with a cushion! (Original Post)

Same seller as the K-fod is having a super sale! Check out that double-wide! 470 49th St. nr. Telegraph
Oakland (Original Post)

$110.00 for the set. Ayyyy. (Original Post)

$100 for 4, castro district. (Original Post)

$360.00 in SSF. (Original Post)

$95.00 big boy in porpy porpy San Mateo! (Original Post)

$15.00 in Hayes Valley. (Original Post)

Dux? Rly? In SF for $375.00. (Original Post)

1984 wire chair for $140.00 in Fairfax. (Original Post)

No price given – but mentioned around $1200. Santa Cruz. (Original Post)

Awesome/weird bedroom set for $400.00 in Menlo Park. I mostly just like the drawer pulls.  (Original Post)

Ah snap! Don’t get caught in the CROSSFIRE — HOCKEY! (Original Post)


2 Responses to “Weekend Excursions: San Francisco Bay”

  1. joe mountain December 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    I lurve it when sellers display the item they are selling in a little set up.

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