Inspiration: Vacancy (the movie)

19 Dec

My boyfriend’s dad was recently watching a movie and I happened to walk by as a trailer for this movie was being played. Of course I had to immediately stop what I was doing to admire the furniture but was saddened by how awful the plot of the movie seemed.

I skimmed the whole movie on Youtube in search of nice things and it was just as terrible as I expected. Check it our for yourself though (if scary movies are your thing). Here are some screenshots from the movie, sorry about the poor quality:

Here are a couple of things seen in the movie that you can buy for your own home … and I think Cheryl at 57th st has some pole lamps and side tables at more reasonable prices (I’ll double check what she has though):

$35 (+$38 shipping) – (ac1980vac)

$380 free shipping (modernandobjects)

$9.99 (+$8.50 shipping) – (fabtasticvintage)

$180 (+$120 shipping) – (moxieapparel)


One Response to “Inspiration: Vacancy (the movie)”

  1. Serene December 19, 2010 at 1:29 pm #

    Haha awesome. I don’t really wanna see the movie but appreciate the set.

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