Around town: Thrifting in Modesto

29 Dec

Sorry this post has gotten to you so late. I am that last minute christmas shopper er maker…I’ve been spending the past two weeks with my husband making and wrapping christmas gifts:

We made pillows. Alright alright. Back to thrifting. So I’ll admit that a lot of the adventures in thrifting are determined by craigslist listings. I’ve seen some sweet stuff for cheap in modesto the past month or so so I figure we should go check it out. See what thrifting is like. This weekend me and my husband also went to Salinas to visit his folks for the holidays. We spent this monday in that bay thrifting. So I’ll be posting two thrifting adventures for this week :] Some of the thrift stores dont have reviews on the interwebs so heres a listing of some in Modesto.

Started off at the goodwill.

It was really well organized and the staff was really friendly.

I bought these curtains.

Got lost.
A: That’s weird that the road is called vintage and there’s nothing vintage about this place at all.
B: Ha.

Modesto royalty comes down from the castle to hang with the common folks.

The hope chest Thrift store. If you gots cold blood like me I would suggest bringing an extra coat because it gets mighty cold in there. Or shall I say THURR URR URR.

This thing was a lil spensive but had all the parts.

I’d like to see more aprons in houses. They can be sooo rad sometimes.

I like to look at these things so I can see what people use to wear.

I bought these for my friend Jen.

We drove to another thrift store. I wrote down songs on the radio I wanted to purchase. Good thing I took a picture of said notes. Now I just have to decipher what was written.

Buy Right thrift store

Fun to eat!

I am totally going to look into who the illustrator is for the better homes and gardens books.

Lurve these things.

These were salt and pepper shakers.



What a snot head kid.

Old year book. I am a snoop so I read all the things written in there.

This ones my favorite. Apparently the guy that owned this yearbook was leaving college for a bit and maybe coming back. I think a health problem?


Salvation Army

Drive to next thrift store.

Tetos thrift store.



Moved down the street to this thrift store.

Super sweet wrapping paper.

This place had a whole loot of stuff. Digging was something you had to do.

There was three parts to this store.

Tons of cute s&p shakers. There was some digging involved with this place and some high prices but all in all it seemed like a good place to check into periodically.

Farewell modesto.

4 Responses to “Around town: Thrifting in Modesto”

  1. Jonathan December 31, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    Those books look great, especially the BBQ book.

  2. joe mountain January 2, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    I love the illustrations in that BBQ book! That book got me stoked on finding out who that illustrator is and seeing some of his other work.

  3. Modesto Native July 30, 2013 at 8:46 pm #

    I applaud you for hitting up so many thift stores, but it appears that you have missed quite a few… There’s another Hopechest (one is better than the other, but both good), one called Priceless Treasures, Good Samaritan Thrift Store, and maybe one or two more just on McHenry alone…

    • Rose July 31, 2013 at 9:52 am #

      Thanks! We didnt have enough time to really dig through modesto.
      Next time though Ill be sure to hit up your suggestions!

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