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Git’R’Done: Yosha’s New Bed

23 Dec

My friend Jenn W. sent me this photo via Conversation Pieces. I guess you can buy these cat beds on Etsy, but I’m not tryin’ to spend $60 (+$30 shipping). As you’d guess, my house it very mid-century inspired, so it is only appropriate that our only housemate has some darn cool things, too.

Here’s what you’ll need (besides a flat head screw driver):

Vintage luggages are found at every thrift store and they are very reasonably priced. I believe this one was $5. I chose the largest one available because my cat Yosha is a big boy.

Some tapered legs. I found mine at a thrift store for .40 cents each, but you can buy yours online for $2.90 a piece at Home Depot.

Here is a list of where to find gorilla glue nearest you.

A clean towel or paper towel to clean surfaces.

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Craigslist: Coffee table 50.00- Inner richmond

22 Dec

” Mid-century modern teak coffee table. Solid wood. Dimensions: 40″ in diameter, and 15″ high. Was used as a puzzle table, as we already had another coffee table. Slight water rings, but all it needs is to be sanded and re-stained to be perfect. $50″

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Craigslist: Dresser 75.00- Castorville

22 Dec

It’sa little early in the week to be venturing off but I am bored and wandering. This 5 drawer is going for 75.00 and the 6ft dresser with mirror is going for 95.00. The detail on the 5 drawer is great.
Check out the original post if you are interested.

Craigslist: Hutch 60.00-Redding

22 Dec

I am alil confused about that second picture. That first picture though is bootiful. It be super awesome if that was the hutch (?) being sold for 60.00 dollars.
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Craigslist: Dresser and headboard 295.00-Sacramento

22 Dec

It comes with the mattress…Idk if any of you are into that.
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Craigslist: Oh me oh my that’s cute..

21 Dec

$50.00 pristine sewing compartment stool. I want to put some googley eyes and white felt teeth on it. (Original Post)

Craigslist Sacramento

21 Dec

Plycraft for $100.00 lookin’ alright. (Original Post)These could potentially be AWESOME. $5.00 for vintage post office lock boxes! (Original Post)

Eichler kitchen counter. Whaaa..

And panel doors. Available from Schiffer Estate Services (Original Post)

On the internetz: Atomic Ginger Bread House

21 Dec

I want to eat that Noguchi table. Via the Herman Miller blog.

A Few Things

20 Dec

Brassy starburst, $250.00 (Original Post)


Not vintage, but I think they are pretty neat — Cross stitch framed samples. $25-50 each. (Original Post)

$35.00 in Tahoe Pork. (Original Post)

$400.00 – being sold without the pads. (Original Post)

I think this sucka dropped in price — $40.00 (Original Post)

$100.00 for both in Merced. (Original Post)

Off the wire: living room set

19 Dec

Photos of a living room set at Bows and Arrows sent to me by my chum Chris. $600.00 for the chairs, $35.00 for the coffee table.

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