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Happy Campers: Zach’s dining room table

31 Jan

So, today Angela R. shared this lovely dining room table on the Mimomito Facebook Page:

… and thanks to Angela, Zach found out about it and picked it up in Wilton, CA. Here is a photo of the table in its new home:

Thanks to Angela and Zach for sharing with Mimomito. We encourage more of it from everyone! :)

Sodergren Desk

31 Jan

$90.00 desk that has “somewhat matching hutch” that goes on top of it, buy the whole thing for $110.00!

Seller lists it as Danish by maker Sodergren, who I’m guessing is in fact Evert Sodergren:

Evert Sodergren of Seattle, WA is the “dean” of the Pacific Northwest woodworkers. Among the pioneers of “studio furniture,” this 4th generation woodworker blazed the trail of creating a livelihood making contemporary custom and speculative pieces. He served as a role model for many, who have shown their appreciation by honoring him as a Living Treasure. via

Here are some photos of what I’m assuming are Sodergren’s other designs that you can find on the website:

The photographs in this slideshow were taken in the 1950s by Walt Scarff. They were originally developed for display in the 3D Roto-vuer, a stereoscopic slide viewer device.

Those photos and stagings on the slideshow sure make formica tops look mighty good! Aside from the sculpted chair, I’m curious if the other designs are in fact Sodergren designs. Oh internet, give me more information..!

Community:Just what we needed.

30 Jan

As some of you know, we had our first Mimomito Meetup yesterday and it was everything I wanted it to be.

Our friends from Atomic Fantasy had some very kind feedback. Make sure to check it out!

And thank you to the other 40 or so people who showed up. We had a great time meeting you all and you’re exactly the reason we keep this blog going!

Craigslist: Malibu desk 150.00-Roseville

30 Jan

This doesn’t look like it weighs a million pounds!
Original post

Saturday morning cartoons: Destination Earth 1956

29 Jan

Destination Earth was a cartoon made in 1956 for petroleum company.
I picked this cartoon for the animation, vibrant color scheme, and all those crazy mid mod type it has going on.
Here’s a plot line internet looted from IMDd:

“The American Petroleum Institute presents “Destination Earth” Color by Technicolor… The cartoon begins by establishing the planet Mars, ruled by a dictator named Ogg. The martians are small green guys with big noses and space helmets. The poor guys are herded by soldiers into a space-age colliseum where Ogg forces them to applaud as they hear his criticisms of problems with martian ground transportation — no good fuel and too much friction. A single martian is sent to Earth to find a solution. The intrepid Martian crashes his saucer into a farm, sets forth into the city, learns about the glorious benefits of petroleum AND capitalist competition, steals a few library books, and heads back to Mars. He excitedly reveals the truths he’s learned to the crowd in the colliseum. The crowd is fueled by the spirit of capitalism and the dictatorship breaks down instantly, to be replaced by the Oil Pioneers…”

Written by JasonC

The animating cast includes:
George Cannata
Bill Higgins
Joe Montell
Ken O’ Brien
Tom Ray
Ross Von Neida

Many of these animators went on to work on familair classics. Some of them include, Spider man, Scooby doo, Fat albert, H&B classics, and Disney classics (Ken O’ Brien) like sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, the Lady and the Tramp, and Bambi.

On the interwebs: Cooking neccessities on Etsy

28 Jan

Animal shaped cutting boards! Cheese tray sets! I can’t get enough!

$8.00 cheese board

$30.00 Quistgaard cheese knife + board

$20.00 serving tray + cutting board set! AHHH!

$45.00 Dansk cheeseboard and knife. I want.. so hard.

$20.00 piggy pig pig

$8.50 cheesy board and tile. I LOVE CHEESE!

Craigslist ..stuff. Isn’t it always?

28 Jan

$20.00 in Lodi.

Seller in Oakland is trying to get rid of a similar unit (not the same pictured) BY THIS WEEKEND for $200.00. It’s on hold, but maybe you could snag it!

$15.00 in Lodi as well!

Says “$1, best offer takes it” in SF.

$45.00 in Manteca.

two chairs, $80.00 in Sanny Leandroeyyyy.

$75.00 super “funky” lamp in San Mateo.

four yellow + white chairs and table set.. and hopefully not all the mess. $75.00 in Hayward.

From what I can figure – THESE ARE CHAIRS FOR MUNCHKINS! $90.00 in Oakland.

Of course.. it’s $695.00. Novato.

Apparently an entire deco bedroom set for $450.00? Well you just see about that. Located in SF.


Overmans All Over, man

28 Jan

Oooh! A Pea green Overman for $475.00 listed in the East Bay.

Overman for $150.00, Eames for $150.00, Repro Barcelona for $225.00, and Plycraft for $180.00.

This dumpy dude has been reduced over a hundred dollars, now $225.00

Justin’s black pod – selling for $50.00. Needs some desperate reupholstery. C’mon, guys!

And here are 2 freebee chairs in Woodland. Thanks Kathy, for sending these in!

Telephone table/bench

27 Jan

Oh aren’t you a little delight. A little pricey at $120.00, and a little far in Oakland, but I like you okay. Seating + table or bench + cushion, always strikes my fancy.

Some more examples of delicious dual purpose furniture! HOORAY!

Herman Miller bench

This telephone table is $65.00 on Etsy.

wonky 50's telephone chair

Ahhh.. and my personal favorite, our RCA stereo bench thingy.

Mid Century Modern Credenza Media Unit – $200 (oakland downtown)

27 Jan

Looking mighty fine for $200.00 in the East Bay.

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