Prints around the internet.

9 Jan

Me and my husband have been retreating into our home, putting up the final knick knacks that make it that. A lot of prints/artwork went up in the hallway and I was thinking to meself ‘yo delfskies (<-that is my just now made up nickname for myself) you like a lot silkscreen.' Not just because my husband is apart of interval press but because it's relatively cheap artwork that is bootifully designed. The process enables it to still be unique, with all sorts of quirks that give you the oppurtunity to still see the artist through the work. So today I submit to you a couple of prints lying around the interwebs. Some of them are not silk screened but great looking none the less.

It was hard to just pick one print to show you guys from inaluxe all of them have great color, texture and form. Check out their shop and see if they got something there that really tickles your fancy.

We’ve all seen Sasha Barr on thee exceptionally kept grain edit and maybe you were like me, getting stoked over those soft colors and rough textures, and then thinking you will buy a print someday-then maybe you never got around to actually doing it. But now I say er offer to you to think about it somemore! Ha. This dude has a really amazing balancing act of soft and rough (PLUS COOOOOOOOUUUUUUTE). Oh yeah and that interview Grain edit did with Sasha is great. I aint ordering no one to do nothing (my mother says the only thing we really really have to do is pay taxes and die) but ya know it has pictures of his house and you might be into that sorta thing.

My internet pen pal paaal sent me a lot of great things from Germany last year. One of these things was a cute teeny babushka doll. This thing was no joke the smallest one was like the tip of a pencil. It made me so happy that now I just light up every time I see them. This print is from
Piktorama , and it seems like theres a lot of cute prints from that shop that will make you feel like you are walking through a field of daisies on a comfortable spring morning.

Me and Ben were talking to Nathan Cordero hm last week and the whole red, black, wood color affinity got brought up (nate uses a lot of those colors, and uses them well). Even as we were talking about them his eyes were fixed on a simple red tape arrow on the door. I can understand the pull. They really are a power trio of color. Even red, black and white are great. Basically what I am saying is I think this print has da good colors, I think this illustration is cute because of that silly mustache and it is done by Alex Perez.

All dem lines make you go whoosh whirl and whhhhhooooweee. *eye brow raise at self. Those big splotches of color are neat too.
Print by Delaflamant.

Yeah yeah I am a sucker for him. This print is being sold from NBdrygood from Etsy. It’s 68.00 with frame. You could also get a lithiograph print from C-HAP’S art studio here for 50.00.

HA. Roosters. Haha. Man I poke so much fun at the 1950’s Rooster fame that I laugh at myself for being that unfunny. Anywho this is a decent erm modern looking print of some roosters yo. Go all out.
Print by Mengelsdesign.

2 Responses to “Prints around the internet.”

  1. Jonathan January 9, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    Inaluxe is great and the artist(s) are very nice – well deserving of support.

  2. joe mountain January 10, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Yey yah. Their stuff gives me all kindsa inspiration. :D

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