16 Jan

Anyone up for taking a trip to Reno? This set is being sold for 75.00!
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I like that. They are in Chico for 150.00
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I kinda dig these types of desks. If it was a lil bit longer you could do that adorable two person office thing like Alan and Serene did. 25.00 in Visalia.
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Speaking of such things here is a Herman Miller roll top guy for 1500.00 in Reno.
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Lane cedar chest for 150.00 in Carson City.
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300.00 in Roseville.
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Apparently there seems to be a person in Reno who is getting rid of a lot of stuff. Buncha dressers listed on this one post that look delightful.Priced at 95.00 to 145.00
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Hutch, table and chairs for 550.00 in Reno.
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175.00 In Reno.
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Cuteeee wall clock for 175.00 in Fernley.
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1950’s Zenith Television for 250.00
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Yellow beauty has been reduced to 100.00 in Selma
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