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Claire’s Eagle Eye

21 Jan

She’s spotted some rad finds that got past our keen Craigslist scouting eyeballs..

$300.00 in Souf Sacramentoez.

$480.00 Wedgewood. Look at that cover on it!

Justin’s Garage Sale, This Saturday

21 Jan

Mid-Century Modern Garage Sale!

Making room for baby. Giving up our Mid-Century furniture projects.
Great pieces, at decent prices in need of TLC.

Use keyword “overbrook” to find detailed individual furniture listings.

Also, boxes of smaller, vintage decorative pieces including lamps, bowls, pottery, books, etc.

Saturday 1/22, 9am – 1pm.
No early birds please, please.

5225 Overbrook Way
Sacramento, CA
95841 (Original Post)

There are some serious icons at this yard sale. We just bought a hutch from him, (that reader Kathy sent us a tip on!) and it looks like he’s getting rid of the whole lot of his midcentury goods! Definitely worth checking out if you’re not going to the Roseville sale tomorrow.

Here’s the hutch we got from Justin! See what our kitchen used to look like on our Homes, Sweet Homes tour, and check out more Sacramento and SF Area home photos and interviews here!

DO NOT WANT: Holy Disco Coke Storm

21 Jan

So the estate of either a 70’s Bachelor or a nouveau riche Mediterranean family was purchased by this Craigslist seller from an estate sale a year ago. Sadly I was hoping this was where the couch had lived for the past 4 decades, on beige floor tiles in a non-offensively neutral villa.

At first glance I imagine the years past this couch has seen; coked up pillow fights of blonde feathered-haired girls in gold lamé bikinis, as bronzed men with pillowy tufts of chest hair sit on the chair arms and adjust their lapels.

Just as this couch unfolds – into a bed.. so does its sordid history.

The 70’s came and went. From luxurious, decadent parties, to solitary days spent with only the couch’s bachelor owner. The California winters never seemed so cold and lonely. Never feeling the loving touch or snuggle of a woman or child, the couch sat on in stoic silence. Together they grew old, outdated. Their once finer and appreciated qualities now seen as laughably poor taste and design.

It wasn’t until the 2000’s when there was a time of renewal. The couch’s owner met a nice woman, a fat-butted social worker, who adored shabby chic. (Yeah, I know the seller bought it from an estate sale – but this is just a nicer spin on the story.) Her curio and cupboards full of porcelain figurines moved in, his framed Nascar posters from early 80’s moved out. The couch just had to go.

The couch is now an item of irony and oddity – a throwback to the days of disco and southwest inspired beige upholstery.

For sale now on Craigslist for the meager price of $160.00. Or, as the seller declares, “would not mind trading for medium quality electric guitar and/or Flip Video camcorder and/or SNOWSHOES?”


21 Jan

$250.00 Drexel Wormley

$500.00 Drexel King sized headboard. Oh damn.

Craigslist: We swear we are minimalists

21 Jan

Ha jk. I like stuff. But I am trying not to be a hoarder.


Maximum comfort for piggin out. 300.00 in Stockton.
Original post

It swivels! 50.00 in Sacramento/Natomas.
Original post

Tilt thy head friend…its floor lamp. Santa Barbara.
Original post

20.00 in Modesto.
Original post


Swanky bar for 150.00 in Sacramento.
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CHeeeayyyeah cootie pies for 20.00 in Sacramento.
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Roll top- Sacramento-150.00

21 Jan

Hot off the press. I guess I will be spending the majority of today on Craigslist. Stay tuned.
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Gimme some mo’, gimme some mo’

21 Jan

“everything in this photo is for sale.” Well I’m not to excited about the college freshman futon, but those stacked end tables, yes.

Ehhhh… so is your name “JIMMY LARGE” or “JOHNNY LUXURIOUS?”
Then I’d have to say, this home-made helluva hard-times bar is for you. Go find in your dreams in Elk Grove for $125.00.

$125.00 for this clean lookin’ headboard. Well that’s nice.

Estate Sale in San Mateo this weekend

21 Jan

For all yee land lubbers in San Francisco and the Bay Area, there looks like a great Estate Sale going on down south in San Mateo. Ah, San Mateo, they have some great chinese food places in their downtown area. So when you work up an appetite after your estate saling, you can’t say I didn’t steer you right.

The estate sale is going from today, Friday, until Sunday. Check out this eye sore of a website for more information, pictures, and directions.

Craigslist: It’s getting hard to come up with titles

21 Jan

Little chair with storage under the seat. 75.00 in Vacaville.
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Two mirrors for 50.00 in South Sacramento.
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Wood assessory Cabinet for 20.00 in Antelope.
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Record Storage 20.00 in Rocklin
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This dresser might be worth checking out. 85.00 in Lincoln.
Original post

Wood dresser is going for 60.00 in Sacramento.
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Craigslist: Boooootiful lane set-Lodi

21 Jan

DNNNNNNANNNNNG this table makes the world spin!

Too much too much. ah. Set is going for 375.00 in Lodi.
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