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Around town: A tid bit from here, a tib dit from there

23 Jan

Past couple of weeks have been going here and there. I have not been as prompt about posting all of them (and when you think about that the posts in some way feel a little useless). 2011 has many hopes and dreams for me: getting curtains up (checkkkk), finalize the shelving (still working on that), hang/frame all thee art work (yeah got that done and some room for new additions), get rid of some of the stuff we have and dont need (it’s so hard to part), and finish all the 2010 craft projects I have. Usually new years resolutions are stretched into ya know a year…not me…I want all of this done asap so I can veg out for the next 11 months. It’s not going as smoothly as I would have hoped but that happens and I am pretty use to failing at things (dont woe me-College drop out central is my school of hard knocks). I am just stating facts.
Anywho let us bask in all the things there is to offer when thrifting.

I went to Thrift town with Alicia, so she could pick up some cross stitch supplies. Watch out for that. I got this inkling it is going to be awesome.

The fruit on this bad boy was the adurable ness.
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