Critical Mass

26 Jan

$200.00 in South Natomas. Oh how I want it..

I’ve sat on this couch a few times. I’ll tell ya, it’s mighty comfortable. $500.00 and a shake of Toni’s hand.

I want this sucka! $65.00 chrome ball lamp. It needs one of the switches replaced, but c’mon dudes, that ain’t hard.

SO SAD TO SEE IT GO! Ben and Rose are getting rid of their orange lounger. Asking $320.00.

Saarininnies for $300.00 all original.

I really need a highboy dresser.. someone sell me a dark wood one! $90.00 in Vacaville.

This thing is STILL for sale! Someone buy it! The record player works, the speakers swivel and move, and it’s $60.00. C’mon now.

I love round patio chairs – more than I hate wicker. And I love sweet deals even more — especially to the tune of $15!

Wacky danish style chair for $70.00 in the East Bay



2 Responses to “Critical Mass”

  1. christopher squid January 26, 2011 at 12:45 am #

    that orange lamp is amazing!

    also, ben and rose’s lounger is comfy! i’m going to miss sitting on it.

    • Serene January 26, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

      I said they should put a bench in. I refuse to not be able to sit down against every wall in their house. EVERY WALL!

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