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Telephone table/bench

27 Jan

Oh aren’t you a little delight. A little pricey at $120.00, and a little far in Oakland, but I like you okay. Seating + table or bench + cushion, always strikes my fancy.

Some more examples of delicious dual purpose furniture! HOORAY!

Herman Miller bench

This telephone table is $65.00 on Etsy.

wonky 50's telephone chair

Ahhh.. and my personal favorite, our RCA stereo bench thingy.

Mid Century Modern Credenza Media Unit – $200 (oakland downtown)

27 Jan

Looking mighty fine for $200.00 in the East Bay.

$380 Wall Unit

27 Jan

$380.00 in South San Francisco. Looks like there is some wear on the edges, but overall good clean up real nice. Not a bad price at all for such a large unit. Looks as though it could be from the 70’s or 80’s perhaps, though? Or just no that “sleek” compared to the Danish wall units.

Rad Coffee Table/Planter!

27 Jan

$375.00 in Sonoma. I’m a fan of throwing plants in the middle of things – atriums in the middle of your house, or plants in the middle of your coffee table. Sure! Imagine the succulent garden you could have living in this sucker. Oh my.

Here’s more eye fodder for the indoor/outdoor lovin’.

$50 table + chairs

27 Jan

Can’t tell the quality/wood color of the table, or how original/danish/vintage it actually IS, but with the leaves it sure gets big! And for $50, that’s a deal! Not original chairs, little ikea cheapies for free with the table.

DO NOT WANT: Mid-Century Vanity Chair

27 Jan

With guest writer, Alan L.

(Original Post)

Finally, a chair that says “I love the inside of an animal cell,” or failing that, “assorted pig organs.” The not-quite completely clashing scheme of yellow and “placenta pink” keep the eye darting around like a magic eye puzzle, dizzily tr…ying to find some hidden smiling face or sailing ship in the fabric or, at least, an answer to the question, “why?” 

Other bold moves include the asymmetrical heart-shaped backer, the sturdy wrought-iron legs, and the $100 price tag.

On the plus side, you could use it to bash someone’s skull in and get away with it, because the cops will be too busy puking to ever dust it for prints.

Available now, and forever, in Glen Park.

Click for more Do Not Want horrors for the eyes

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