Sodergren Desk

31 Jan

$90.00 desk that has “somewhat matching hutch” that goes on top of it, buy the whole thing for $110.00!

Seller lists it as Danish by maker Sodergren, who I’m guessing is in fact Evert Sodergren:

Evert Sodergren of Seattle, WA is the “dean” of the Pacific Northwest woodworkers. Among the pioneers of “studio furniture,” this 4th generation woodworker blazed the trail of creating a livelihood making contemporary custom and speculative pieces. He served as a role model for many, who have shown their appreciation by honoring him as a Living Treasure. via

Here are some photos of what I’m assuming are Sodergren’s other designs that you can find on the website:

The photographs in this slideshow were taken in the 1950s by Walt Scarff. They were originally developed for display in the 3D Roto-vuer, a stereoscopic slide viewer device.

Those photos and stagings on the slideshow sure make formica tops look mighty good! Aside from the sculpted chair, I’m curious if the other designs are in fact Sodergren designs. Oh internet, give me more information..!


3 Responses to “Sodergren Desk”

  1. christopher squid January 31, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    oh my god i need that chair!

  2. Angie January 31, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    I heart that bar, it’s soooo swanky!

  3. joe mountain January 31, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    I thought I saw that lil’ um buffet thing before…
    but then I found what I thought I saw and they are not the same. Ha.
    I am real into that floating credenza! Things got swagger.

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