Craigslist: Juss some stuff

3 Feb

“This table is one of a kind. It has a Europeaan flair to it and I am sad to let it go. The pictures dont do it justice so you must come take a look yourself”

Euro flair! 100.00 in Monterey.
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Alssssoooo There is a chromchraft set similair to this one selling for 1500.00 in detroit OI :o

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I kinda dig that these things point upward. Sometimes these lamps are pretty bad about distributing light evenly. Maybe them pointing upward would bounce the light off the ceiling and help with a more even distribution. Lamp is going for 100.00 in Pacific Grove.
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Just in case you didnt see….

“Local business replacing our old desks that were lightly used and of high quality. These would be great for a startup business or a office furniture supply house to resell. All eight desks will need to be taken. You haul. $80 cash, firm. Located near the intersection of South Watt and Fruitridge. Any other questions, please email. Will need to pick up between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm weekdays. “

Maybe there is one in there that is extra special and dear to you.
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