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16 Feb

All us Mimometers have been busy busy. I personally was on a mini-vacation to LA, and of course bought some chairs while I was down there. We just can’t get away from furniture. Anyhow, here’s some stuff from around Sacramento and the Reno area.

Dennis is selling the chairs and magazine rack for $30 for it all.

three chairs for $20! Natomas.

Is it purple? Is it 70’s — is it 80’S!? I don’t know why, but I like it. $95.00 in Roseville.

four chairs, $60.00 in Sac.

Patio chairs for $40 each in Fair Oakz.

I love telephone tables. $60 in Carson City.

$100.00 kitchen table in Reno.

Little metal cabinet for $25.00 in Sonora.

Whooooaaa my… $2000.00 to go crazy in Reno.

$500.00 Burke set in Reno.

Craigslist: Vanity oh Vannnnity.

16 Feb

Olly golly gosh look how wonderful you are furniture. Two different kindsa wood, a gorgeous looking mirror and legs! This thing is going for 250.00 in Santa Cru (my last letter of the alphabet button wont work…sorry dudes).
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16 Feb

This mirror isnt midcentury…but it is 15 bucks and maybe an oppurtunity to break some stuff up-ya know mix and match. Mirror is in Mantecca.
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Barcelona chair is going for 100.00 in Turlock.
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I cant really figure how one would manage sitting at this table without knocking their knees…maybe the table top is really huge or something. In anycase that base is pretty rad looking. 295.00 in Monterey.
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Check out the other pictures in the original post of this guy. He could prolly use some elbow grease. Goining for 225.00 in Vacaville.

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