Back on track.

16 Feb

All us Mimometers have been busy busy. I personally was on a mini-vacation to LA, and of course bought some chairs while I was down there. We just can’t get away from furniture. Anyhow, here’s some stuff from around Sacramento and the Reno area.

Dennis is selling the chairs and magazine rack for $30 for it all.

three chairs for $20! Natomas.

Is it purple? Is it 70’s — is it 80’S!? I don’t know why, but I like it. $95.00 in Roseville.

four chairs, $60.00 in Sac.

Patio chairs for $40 each in Fair Oakz.

I love telephone tables. $60 in Carson City.

$100.00 kitchen table in Reno.

Little metal cabinet for $25.00 in Sonora.

Whooooaaa my… $2000.00 to go crazy in Reno.

$500.00 Burke set in Reno.


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