Craigslist: Looking through reno.

18 Feb

PS. I just want to let ya’ll know that some of the letters on the key board to the computer dont work here at this new jurb. I thought it was only the last letter of the alphabet but it seems the third letter of the alphabet and the fourth to the last only wants to work sometimes. WHATCHU TALKING BOUT JOE?! Basically I am trying to say that some of my typing is going to be worst than usual. aright aright lets do this:

150.00 in Carson.
Original post

40.00 in Sparks
Original post

Two of these for 400.00 in Carson.
Original post

250.00 in Double Daimond.
Original post

Table for 75.00 in Grass Valley.
Original post

Precious yellow bean for 60.00 in Carmichael.
Original post

SWWWWEEET old timey lookin paper flat file for 70.00 in Sparks. It’s so lovely it brings a tear to me eye.
Original post

Space stove going for 200.00 in Sanora.
Original post

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