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Oh.. HEYwood there. $325.00 in Auburn

28 Feb

For sale a Heywood Wakefield type buffet entertainment center. This piece is a great example of retro modern furniture. These are not built by Heywood Wakefield, but it is in that style and are well made and classy. Original Post

Y’hear that, everyone? Says here.. this sucker ain’t a Heywood Wakefield, but it’s classy. I concur, mon frere.. I concur..

Things n’ stuff.

28 Feb

I want I want I want.. but I can’t spend $50 on a wall sculpture.

Big ol’ comfy turquoise couch for $65.00 in Manteca.

rad little lamp with fiberglass shade for $30 in Alameda.

delightfully vintage birdcage and some other items for sale

$35 wooden chair in Oakland

$400.00 dinette set in Carmichael. Heyo!

$350.00 leetle beetle desk in Natomas.

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