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Craigslist: HOLD UP

18 Feb

150.00? For the whole set? FO’ Real? Hmmmm.
Check out the original post dudes. It’s in Santa Rosa.
Original post

400.00 in Salinas.
Original post

Stereo is 200.00 and Painting is 50.00 in Dublin.
Original post

Craigslist: Looking through reno.

18 Feb

PS. I just want to let ya’ll know that some of the letters on the key board to the computer dont work here at this new jurb. I thought it was only the last letter of the alphabet but it seems the third letter of the alphabet and the fourth to the last only wants to work sometimes. WHATCHU TALKING BOUT JOE?! Basically I am trying to say that some of my typing is going to be worst than usual. aright aright lets do this:

150.00 in Carson.
Original post

40.00 in Sparks
Original post

Two of these for 400.00 in Carson.
Original post

250.00 in Double Daimond.
Original post

Table for 75.00 in Grass Valley.
Original post

Precious yellow bean for 60.00 in Carmichael.
Original post

SWWWWEEET old timey lookin paper flat file for 70.00 in Sparks. It’s so lovely it brings a tear to me eye.
Original post

Space stove going for 200.00 in Sanora.
Original post

Craigslist: Falling asleep with your eyes open

18 Feb

…it leaves you very confused.

50.00 for this high five boy in Sparks.
Original post

Spider table still up for 165.00 in Sun Valley.
Original post

195.00 for this walnut desk and cray cray office chair that looks like you can live on it.
Orignal post

80.00 for this guy in sebastopol.
Original post

50.00 in Galt.
Original post

Prints again!

18 Feb

I have purged Etsy once again for neat looking things to put up on a wall. Some of course are the typical helvitica type saying posters-‘I think you are more beautiful than Ariel’ or ‘Dont stop believing.’ Which we will all have to deal with. Because some of those posters are yes, trite, but then still very nice to look at and they help us feel a lil’ better about ourselves because they tell us things that are not true. (jk I think all of you are better than Ariel.)

This one is going on my ‘one day I’ll be a billionaire list’.

Anasee has a bunch of cute Linocut block prints of adurable lil’ creatures.


Cabinet of treasures has a bunch of different earthy(/sciencey?) prints for sale. Check out the shop and see if there is something in particular that you like.

I know, I know…a map. Seller states though that this map is a 1932 map of the olympic games for LA. That is pretty sweet. PS. Who really has any other use for a map these days besides them looking really sweet in your dining room/hallway?



This is the new new ‘God bless this mess’ cross stitch.


This one is pretty sweet. I ama quote the seller because I dont want to mess any of her words up:

“A beautiful print made using antique letterpress blocks. Each letter is individualy hand pressed onto A3 (420 x 297 mm) 230 gsm paper for a unique high quality finish every time.

As the print is made to order, special requirements and personalisations can be taken into account, such as colours letters and phrases. We can change the names in the print, change the colour to match your walls, and even add words or places, such as a special date for that truly unique gift. Please contact us with these details as soon as you have made your purchase so we can get creating for you as soon as possible!”

SOOOO many possibilities to look awesome!

I lurve the colors.



Ah hem…seller also has other cute skeleton characters like hello kitty and Betty boop. Pigpen looks pretty cool too.

Craigslist: It’s good to be back.

17 Feb

pointy sharp end tables are being sold for 85.00
Orignal post

I like this things shape. It’s going for 60.00 in Vallejo/Bencia.
Original post

Seller is clearing out the “Dungeon” near Modesto. These dudes are going for 150.00. Check out other stuffs he is selling in the original post.

75.00 for the pair in Oakland.
Original post

25.00 for this lonely chair in San Jose.
Original post

The picture is kinda hard to see whats going on credenza is going for 150.00 in Natomas.
Original post

Desk for 50.00 in Cupertino.
Original post
And there is still a gang of stuff being sold at that whole house sale in Santa Cruz like this end table:

Original post

Back on track.

16 Feb

All us Mimometers have been busy busy. I personally was on a mini-vacation to LA, and of course bought some chairs while I was down there. We just can’t get away from furniture. Anyhow, here’s some stuff from around Sacramento and the Reno area.

Dennis is selling the chairs and magazine rack for $30 for it all.

three chairs for $20! Natomas.

Is it purple? Is it 70’s — is it 80’S!? I don’t know why, but I like it. $95.00 in Roseville.

four chairs, $60.00 in Sac.

Patio chairs for $40 each in Fair Oakz.

I love telephone tables. $60 in Carson City.

$100.00 kitchen table in Reno.

Little metal cabinet for $25.00 in Sonora.

Whooooaaa my… $2000.00 to go crazy in Reno.

$500.00 Burke set in Reno.

Craigslist: Vanity oh Vannnnity.

16 Feb

Olly golly gosh look how wonderful you are furniture. Two different kindsa wood, a gorgeous looking mirror and legs! This thing is going for 250.00 in Santa Cru (my last letter of the alphabet button wont work…sorry dudes).
Original post


16 Feb

This mirror isnt midcentury…but it is 15 bucks and maybe an oppurtunity to break some stuff up-ya know mix and match. Mirror is in Mantecca.
Original post

Barcelona chair is going for 100.00 in Turlock.
Original post

I cant really figure how one would manage sitting at this table without knocking their knees…maybe the table top is really huge or something. In anycase that base is pretty rad looking. 295.00 in Monterey.
Original Post

Check out the other pictures in the original post of this guy. He could prolly use some elbow grease. Goining for 225.00 in Vacaville.

Hindsvik tour on etsy

15 Feb

I’ve got my favorite shops on etsy. Hindsvik is definitely one of them. I was super stoked to see they did a video home tour when I checked out Etsy today.
Check it out here. They have a beautiful balance of vintage-rustic pieces and clean simple modern furniture. ANNNND the colors they use in they house makes you wanna run home and make a cup of hot chocolate. A very beautifully done home that screams them. Here’s a couple things from their store to get you fam bam to the materials they work with.

Ship er vessel 12.00

Pendant Lamp 145.00

Sweet towel rack 32.00

Community: More Mid Century Midtown Fun

15 Feb

So, I’m currently taking Lindy Hop lessons with some of my lovely lady pals and it has been super fun. I’m excited to try out my new moves tonight at Club 21 while Todd Morgan and the Emblems play songs like these:

If you’re free tonight you should swing on by. ;)

It costs $10 (one hour lesson is included). Lesson is at 7pm and the band plays from 8-11pm.

Hope to see you there.

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