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KCRA A List: Best Blogger Contest

30 Mar

Dear wonderful readers,

Mimomito is in the running for the KCRA A-List: Best Blogger contest. It is a pretty easy voting process and you can log in through your Facebook account.  Please vote for us and thank you for all of the support!

<3 Mimomito

Buuuurl coffee table and moar

30 Mar

300.00 for this set. Seller also has listed folding wooden chairs from the 20’s in the same post and that usually confuses me with the pricing. If you’re into them check out the post and do some detective work.

300.00 in San Francisco.
MM MM MMM. It is my dream to own a burl wood coffee table. I think that they are loads of neat. The only problem I forseen in the past with them is their very demanding base. Problem is solved. I relax better knowing that someone else out their in the world is thinking of solutions for my problems.

40.00 in Reno.

65.00 in Davis

200.00 in Cameron Park.
For the person who needs a whole lotta desk.

450.00 in Midtown Sacramento.
Look at them colors!

This guy looks like he has loads of potential. AND FOR 35 DOLLARS?!

Here’s another in San Jose for $95.00

Eichlerific Got a Makeover!

29 Mar

For a face-lift of her amazing blog, Gretchen over at recently enlisted the help of our friend, and Rose’s Husband, Ben! If you remember correctly, that’s right – Ben designed our big beautiful Mimomito logo. Check out more of Ben’s work and portfolio! And buy a pillow from him :)

Buy Steve’s stuff!

29 Mar

Our good friend and fellow moped, hamburger, and good-times enthusiast Stever is sadly leaving the Sacramento area for green pastures and even greener paychecks. A job in the South Bay means an opportunity for you to buy his furniture! Check out his post here.

Peter Hvidt chair for $700.00 obo.

Great green sleeper sofa equipped with teeny legs for $400.00.

Always something.

28 Mar

450.00 in San Rafael.

Theres one in Berkley for 100.00

Beat up cosco stool for 10.00 San Jose east

45.00 in Elk Grove

White overman chair for 250.00

Two wooden desk files 50.00 each

Needs some work 75.00 in Alameda.

Teeny little desk for 125.00

OH THASS NICE – Sofa for $250.00 in Rohnert Park

28 Mar

$250.00 orange/green couch
Seller states that the cushions are removable and washable!

Hi Chris!

26 Mar

Oh. My. Dear… Lord of beautiful couches.

Chris is selling this blindingly stunning heaven-sent mustardy couch. That frame – those angles – those cushions. He is asking $600.00, and honestly, that is well worth the money and will only become more valuable over your wonderful lifetime together. But hey, isn’t that why owning antique furniture is amazing anyhow?

Hate to sell it, but it needs a new home.

Wonderful vintage 1964-65 Mid-Century solid wood frame sofa with original mustard yellow heavy duty vinyl cushions.

Frame is solid. Cushions still very firm and comfy—no sagging!!

The sleek modern styling of the frame and the yellow vinyl make this an absolute classic—–Perfect for you mid-century modern fans looking to furnish your groovy pad with authentic pieces. (Hi Mimomito!)

Small amount of water spotting on one arm–this can be easily refinished if desired by new owner.
Cushions are near perfect–no issues.

Gotta see it to appreciate it.
$600. Original Post

Community: Bake Sale

25 Mar

This is obviously not MCM related but it is super important to me, so Rose and Serene are letting me post it. :)

On April 2nd(11am-3pm) I’ll be having a vegan bake sale in benefit of Mercy Corps. Freestyle Clothing Exchange  has generously offered their Midtown location to host the sale and will also be giving a small discount to those who come to support our cause. If you can’t make it but would still like to contribute, you can do so by clicking this link which will direct you to our Mercy Corps fund.

I hope to see you there.

Oh, and I’m also taking requests for things to bake.

Craigslist and Netflix.

24 Mar

The internet – ahh. The source of all my joy.


$125.00 for this Lane table in San Rafael. That cat seems to like it, too.

$55.00 in Oakland. Whoa pastel, what’s up.

Here’s a stereo console with the TV guts removed, but it’s $50.00 here in Sac. What can you do with it?

$200.00 Lane table apparently in “phenomenal” condition. In East Sacramento.

A lot of East Bay, too

24 Mar

This Mengel dresser has been up for a bit! I think it’s cute for $85.00 in Vacaville.

$65.00 for this rad two chair table set! BROWN! OOH!

A little bit 70’s perhaps? But rad cube chair for $120.00 in Santa Rosa.

Small $35.00 desk in San Bruno.

$150.00 for this teeny dude in Danville.

Eileen Grayesque swiveling table for $75.00 in Willow Glen.

RAD Drexel floating style desk for $195.00 in Vallejo!

DCM in San Francisco for $160.00.

$200.00 for this 6-drawer dresser with mirror in Oakland.

Fantastic little legs – $200.00 in Petaluma.

$50.00 laminate table in Berkeley. Laminate, sure. But it sure is attractive!

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