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Like if you upholstered a DCW..

1 Mar

$90.00 in San Bruno. Sure is cute!

Blonde Booty

1 Mar

$150.00 in Lafayette (where’s that again? East Bay?) with some teeny little legs. Too bad about the weird .. whatever is happening on the top there. And even a free planter? HEY NOW! Original Post

$100.00 in Penryn for this set of laminate skinny babes. Original Post

$200.00 for this little dude in SF.

$520.00 .. Sell your pets.

1 Mar

Redwood City is where it’s at. I love how folks always stage their wall units on the floor.

Oh, and here’s another little morsel for you to fawn over. $250.00 also in Redwood City.

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