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Community: Mimomito was mentioned in Sacramento News & Review

10 Mar


Thanks to Alia Cruz for thinking of us for her “Coolhunting” contribution in the SN&R. We are absolutely thrilled.

Oh, and we hope to see a photo of your table sometime soon! ;)

Studio 724: Vintage inspired wall art

10 Mar

Whilst I was looking for a wooden alphabet I came across Studio 724, and was pretty excited over this discovery. I figure this stuff might be something some of you are interested in as well.

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Sacramento Craigslist

10 Mar

$550.00 in North Sackeramentooo.

$85.00 dresser in East Sacramento.

Lamp with ashtray, wackkky! $125.00 in Elk Grove.

More hairpinniness, $75.00.

I can’t stand zebra print, but if you can’t live without it, you’re in luck. $100.00 for four.


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