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Fur the chilruns- No midmod in these parts

11 Mar

Hail me with tammy toes but I cant resist sharing all this cute crap I’ve been digging up and squealing over for the past week. I’ve littered FB with these critters and now have decided to fog up mimomito. Juss once. I figure some of you may have kids. And some kids are not into those sharp lines, and smooth danish delights we all love. Here’s some stuff floating around etsy for your kiddos:

I fell outta my chair over this guy er the whole store and immediately messaged my husband and softly suggested to him that my birthday is coming up. The seller is California’s own and is super talented. The textures she uses and her execution of fabric is seriosly on point.

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Area Goods, Y’all

11 Mar

$100.00 hutch! Nab it from Citrus Heights!

Oh hey there, tasty wood. I have seen this in the flesh, and it’s a beaut. $340.00 for this good sized coffee table.

A bit rough around the edges — BUT IT’S FREE! Located in San Jose.

I believe it’s $125.00 for both of these? In Vacaville.

$80.00 for this table and chair. It even has a little drawer in it!

Mmmm.. exercise bikes. This mustardy little guy is $40.00.


adoo wop. Craigslist hunting.

11 Mar

two chairs:
“$650 for chair without scratch
$575 for other
or $1,150 for both”

Original post

47.00 in Antioch

Possibly may work T.V? …ER PROJECT TV?!

125.00 in Bay Area

35.00 in Chico

375.00 in Oakland. Plus other things like a lamp and Heywood end table.

350.00 in Prunedale

*Jaw dropping dresser (THAT HARDWARE) 650.00 in Fremont

It seems like the seller is having a yard sale of some kind. Check out the original post for pricing and information.

Super cute bar from stylish sellers going for 400.00 in Elk Grove.

Saarinen Tulip Base Coffee Table – $300 in Elk Grove

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