Fur the chilruns- No midmod in these parts

11 Mar

Hail me with tammy toes but I cant resist sharing all this cute crap I’ve been digging up and squealing over for the past week. I’ve littered FB with these critters and now have decided to fog up mimomito. Juss once. I figure some of you may have kids. And some kids are not into those sharp lines, and smooth danish delights we all love. Here’s some stuff floating around etsy for your kiddos:

I fell outta my chair over this guy er the whole store and immediately messaged my husband and softly suggested to him that my birthday is coming up. The seller is California’s own and is super talented. The textures she uses and her execution of fabric is seriosly on point.

Matryoshka Dolls 90.00 .
Bobobabushka has several Matryoshka dolls that are well painted (soft detail is insanely good) and themed. Prolly most of them are not for children but they are something cute and witty for those of you that have the funds.

10.00 I just lurve yarny plush dolls.

A set of Mario Bros mushrooms.

Angry Gnome is still cute when snarlling.

Old timey fox and younger Joe woulda had tons of adventures . Dude looks like a straight up gentleman.

Hey Robot. Wake up.

Teeny tiny hedge hogy-why do cute things always end up ending in the EEEE sound?

Classy dude is dressed up in style.


One Response to “Fur the chilruns- No midmod in these parts”

  1. claire March 13, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    fog it up! Love it!

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