Stereo cabinets, lamps, and chairs – oh my.

17 Mar

$150.00! $150.00! $150.00! Damn girl!

Crazy Howell brand super 70’s lucite table set. Oh it’s fabulous. A painful $900.00 in Chico though.

Simple and cute. $120.00 in West Sacramento.

Rose – were you telling me about this thing? $100.00 in Natomas.

DANG it’s beautiful. If I had the $680.00 laying around, I’d be fighting you all for it. $680.00 OBO in Fair Oaks.

$125.00 Jere wall sculpture in the land of Lincoln.

It’s not vintage, but dang it’s CHEAP and RAD. $20.00 West Elm lamp in Natomas.

Sucker needs to be refinished somethin’ FIERCE and could go for a price drop. But it’s currently $225.00 in Vacaville.


One Response to “Stereo cabinets, lamps, and chairs – oh my.”

  1. claire March 20, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    That dining room atable looks like its missing a leg…

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