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Recreate this room!

18 Mar

I can’t go thrifting as much anymore because of my job, and it’s kinda bumming me out. Not as many Around Town posts anymore, doggs (SADFACE).

So to replace going out and thrifting, I thought I’ll just sift through the internet and find rad apartments filled with Mid Century or cool vintage items, and then find similar items online that you can buy. Is that creepy? YES. But it’s kind of like internet thrifting… maybe.
Anyway, here’s my first go at it!

Here is the room I'll be pulling inspiration and the look from!

Alright so let’s start off with that bootiful yellow chair in the corner.

Look how it’s already set up with that sexy narrow pillow. *Meow. This chair is going for 175.00 in the mission district.


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Tasteful Little Tanker

18 Mar

Okay so “little” may be an exaggeration – perhaps “GINORMOUS.”
This tanker is going for only $60.00 in Stockton. Green top, metal body, and hundreds of pounds of love.

Happy birthday, Rose!

18 Mar

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