Recreate this room!

18 Mar

I can’t go thrifting as much anymore because of my job, and it’s kinda bumming me out. Not as many Around Town posts anymore, doggs (SADFACE).

So to replace going out and thrifting, I thought I’ll just sift through the internet and find rad apartments filled with Mid Century or cool vintage items, and then find similar items online that you can buy. Is that creepy? YES. But it’s kind of like internet thrifting… maybe.
Anyway, here’s my first go at it!

Here is the room I'll be pulling inspiration and the look from!

Alright so let’s start off with that bootiful yellow chair in the corner.

Look how it’s already set up with that sexy narrow pillow. *Meow. This chair is going for 175.00 in the mission district.


Next up my personal favorite thing to oogle: coffee tables! You can barely see it but it looks as if the dude in the right corner is that surfboardy shape we are looking for. The price isnt being listed but it’s being sold out of that whole house sale in Santa Cruz.

You may wonder, “well the posting has expired for this luxurious surfboard table –  how do you know that it is available Joe?” I know because it is mine (shame!) and I need to get rid of this thing! 240.00 Takes this dude away, I GOT LOADS OF SHAME!

So this couch is finna seem pricey to ya’ll at first. But check out the post! The couch comes with two great lookin’ chairs that look like the hand of god has touched them. That’s a dramatic description, sorry lemme correct thyself, it looks as though Finn Juhl would not hate them.

I dont know why Ikea didn’t just make the whole ball. I guess they decided it wasn’t a good idea. Still looks tasty to me.
The price is just 49.99

This sheep rug can be thrown over the couch like you see in the picture. Dont freak out this rug can go there. It is so comfortable and pleasant to be next to, you could prolly spend your whole life with it in New Jersey and be ok. JK New Jersey, you’re ok.

You may wonder why I did not choose a grey rug. Well this is where my un-expertise in furnishing comes into play. Couch is grey. So I am trying to throw in some color. This color could look really rad with the wood grain/stain in that couch. But if you’re not cool with it, check the site and see if the other colors will work better for you!

Piilow for 45.00
Pillow for 19.95

Wood serving tray 39.99
Metal serving tray 14.00
I have presented two different trays. A wooden and silver. Just in case you’re like me and are not really into putting the same material on top of one another. Teak wood on a teak table? No way.
Both of these trays are easily found at any thrift store for a pretty reasonable price :]

And of course knick-knacks personal to you that fill up the space! Marilyn Neuhart Posy Casa Doll: $100.00

White dish 12.00

little green bowl 11.00

decorative white sea shells 22.00

hand-made parakeet 4.00

Large chrome bowl 32.00


2 Responses to “Recreate this room!”

  1. jwoo March 19, 2011 at 10:46 am #

    One crazy feature!

  2. claire March 20, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    LOVE this feature!

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