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KCRA A List: Best Blogger Contest

30 Mar

Dear wonderful readers,

Mimomito is in the running for the KCRA A-List: Best Blogger contest. It is a pretty easy voting process and you can log in through your Facebook account.  Please vote for us and thank you for all of the support!

<3 Mimomito

Buuuurl coffee table and moar

30 Mar

300.00 for this set. Seller also has listed folding wooden chairs from the 20’s in the same post and that usually confuses me with the pricing. If you’re into them check out the post and do some detective work.

300.00 in San Francisco.
MM MM MMM. It is my dream to own a burl wood coffee table. I think that they are loads of neat. The only problem I forseen in the past with them is their very demanding base. Problem is solved. I relax better knowing that someone else out their in the world is thinking of solutions for my problems.

40.00 in Reno.

65.00 in Davis

200.00 in Cameron Park.
For the person who needs a whole lotta desk.

450.00 in Midtown Sacramento.
Look at them colors!

This guy looks like he has loads of potential. AND FOR 35 DOLLARS?!

Here’s another in San Jose for $95.00

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