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Saturday Morning Cartoons: All the Cats Join in (1946)

30 Apr

This is usually Rose’s section, but this cartoon was too cute to not share with you guys.

Also, tomorrow there is swing dancing at The Ballroom of Sacramento. Lesson starts at 6pm and dancing from 7-10pm. $5

Hope to see you there!

On my way out..

26 Apr

75.00 in Hayward.


80.00 in Sacramento.

Plycraft chair.

26 Apr

750.00 in Sacramento. I would seriously consider this if I had the room in my apartment.

Got that swagger lamp.

26 Apr

3 matching lamps for 10.00 in Davis.

150.00 for this sleek looking floor lamp in Oakland.
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Etsy: Apalachian Joinery, LLC

26 Apr

Here’s a neat store on Etsy that makes pretty rad cutting boards…for your consumption or inspiration.



Apalachian Joinery makes a variety of sizes and stains. They also make neat Nakashima inspired furniture:



Mimomito on Twitter.

26 Apr

I caved in and made a Twitter account for Mimomito. I don’t know how to use it yet but maybe you guys can help me out with that?

Anyway, our Twitter URL is — there is an underscore there because some jerk is using our name.

Please “follow” our “tweets”. Is that right? Gosh, I feel so hip now. Okay. Have a good day!

Craigslist-Itsa new week guis!

25 Apr

100.00 for this happy blue set in Pleasant Hill.

175.00 for this Saarinen style table in Nopa.

Post doesn’t really state a price except 50.00 dollars on the title:
“Must sell well made chairs from the 1950’s grandmas old stuff.”

39.00 in the Mission District. Seller states that it is in good working condition.

200.00 for this fancy round table in Emeryville.

65.00 in Gonzales

300.00 I clicked my heels when I saw this thing. It’s seems so useful and fantastic looking. It’s in petaluma.

195.00 in Van Ness.

180.00 for this lip chair in Oakland.

500.00 in Mill Valley. I wonder how many times I have seen this guy and posted it here. I know it’s been at least once. I guess that means I am really into it. This thing woulda made a pretty perfect desk.

600.00 for this wild looking string chair in the Mission District.

This was posted on the 20th for 30.00 Seller states it needs some care and that he would throw in
this as well:
“1950’s Walnut Dresser with Mirror. It has 3 drawers on the left, 2 black doors on the right that are hiding 2 small shelves on the left and 3 white drawers on the right. It measures 60 inches wide, 18 1/2 inches deep and 30 inches high. The mirror measures 30 inches wide and 40 inches high. Needs a little bit of care, the right door is a little loose. There is a matching stand up dresser that needs even more care, I am willing to throw in for free. It has one long top drawer, 3 side by side drawers, and 3 more long drawers at the bottom. The original tag is still attached to this dresser and reads ‘American Walnut Manufacturers Association, Chicago”

Rain Rain go away.

25 Apr

Tryna keep this on the cheap side.

50.00 in Sacramento. Looks promising eh?

50.00 in Sacramento.

50.00 For the chilruns.


50.00 in Citrus Heights.

125.00 I like this thing because it would give one the oppurtunity to play with materials. It is also one of the only glass tables I have seen today that doesn’t have wrought Iron grapes.

75.00 in Roseville

Juss three

22 Apr

$120.00 CAPS LOCK:

$65.00 danish bookshelf/cabinet

$300.00 seat frame

Friday Friday Friday, Fun Fun Fun FURNITURE!

22 Apr

Personally, when I post any furniture I don’t like posting anything over $200.00. It keeps things thrifty and makes them SUPER scores. But sometimes I come upon such beautiful things, I just have to post them. Like this here chair..

$1000.00 Mulhauser chair in white, in the Bay Area. OH HEY.

$145.00 in Elk Grove, y’all.

$150.00 in Walnut Creek. Look at that stripe upholstery detail!

$65.00 wall mounted shelf/cabinet in Vacaville.

Two laminate top end tables in San Francisco.$65.00 for the pair in Pacific Heights, yo.

$120.00 for this pair of Hooker nightstands in Healdsburg.

Tanker desk for $125.00 in SF.

WHY DO I LIKE THIS! I don’t know. It’s a very specific.. place that this could go. And it is NOT my house. $45.00 in Santa Rosa.

$50.00 green drafting stool in San Anselmo. Needs a patch!

$180.00 for the pair of these nice ceramic and wood lampy lamps in Oakland.

DWR Ghost chair for $125.00 in San Anselmo.

Lane end tables – $80.00 for both! THAT’S A DEAL, Y’ALL! For sale in Concord.

Alright, this thing is AWESOME. Trust me, if these photos were taken in a naturally lit hardwood-floored home, you’d want it too. That retro fabric is actually pretty rad – and it’s a daybed! C’mon! That’s awesome!
$200.00 and some light sewing on the front seam and a trip to Emeryville.

$50.00 couch frame in SF. For that cheap, getting cushions done will only be like $150-200.

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