Case of the Mondays.

4 Apr

65.00 for this rad little bean in San Mateo.

30.00 in Sacramento.

For the mixin’ and matching folk. 79.00 in Modesto.

Craaay cray boomerang in Klammath Falls for 450.00

25.00 for this desk in Sanora.

100.00 in Sacramento.

Overman for 175.00 in Rosemont.

39.00 in Modesto. You can put all your secrete crap in here.

65.00 in Modesto.

Yellow seat chairs for 147.00 in Sacramento.

Cute lookin’ chandelier for 100.00 in Midtown.


100.00 in Redwood city

Heart attack daimond chairs for 900.00 in Mill Valley.

I once saw a ship made out of tooth picks. Some dude in prison made it. It was pretty rad. This one is teak and is prolly not from prison. 50.00 in Santa Rosa

325.00 for this man cave item in Seaside.

950.00 for Mr. chair in Sacramento.

I saved this dude for last. These ceiling tins got me so nerdy I cant even really splain all the wonderful things a person could do with them. Here’s the bit from the seller:
“ceiling tin 1870s
Low relief ceiling tin from old historic California hotel torn down in the 1960’s. Aprox 20 ft.’x20ft. Pea green paint finish. 2×2 ft. squares framed in by half round floral boarders with 90 degree turns, T’s and and all interlocking parts. So 2 ft. ‘ panels are framed in with half round floral design and all corners are locked in with corner pieces. The pic shows 2 sections that are locked together. These are in rather poor shape but give you an idea.2nd pic shows parts for each panel. All goes together with 45 degree cove shown at left of 2nd pic. The rest is stacked. Would be great in a loft or hotel lobby like the Ace Hotel in Portland or in elevators like in Loft 523 in New Orleans. I want to sell this work of art as one unit, although I know some artist break it down into square units to make stunning picture frames by cutting out the centers of the 2 ft panels. This would be a rare find for an edgy boutique or over-the-top loft out of arch. digest. I have better pictures that I will post in a few days or can email them to you. These pictures are just a sample of what i have. The ceiling tin is now at my historic ranch half hour north of Sacramento. You can come on up and look it over. You might also find other things in our 1860 barn that you might just have to have.”


2 Responses to “Case of the Mondays.”

  1. claire April 4, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    The ceiling tin is $3500? Like, $3,500? Fer reals?

  2. joe mountain April 4, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    I think it’s for a certain amount. Er that’s the impression I got. Hopefully it’s not for one. That would be weird.
    I really hope that I am worth lots of money when I get to be thousands of years old and hooping it up. I’ma charge millions for people to watch me play basketball in my wheel chair and fancy wig.

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