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Etsy: a shelf for you.

22 Apr

I am in the mood for a single great looking shelf. One that wouldn’t take away from my stuff’s awesome but could also be bootiful on it’s own. Here’s some stuff I found floating around the internets.

89.00 from DirtyBils. They also have a really neat pair of pipe shelves that has a sconce at the end.
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Almost Das Weekund.

21 Apr

I feel for those readers out there who are stuck in their offices, escaping their mundane duties to look at the possible furniture they could be going home to instead. Ahh yes, your daily fix.

$185.00 for both Lane tables  in Vacaville.

So apparently my Aunt had a bunch of this blonde formica stuff in her Wisconsin home. She didn’t even like it, she just bought it and had it. I can’t help but think of that now when I see these for sale..
These could be YOURS ALL YOURS for $130.00 and a trip to Chico! Woo!

$25.00 each for these working vintage TV sets in Elk Grove.

This was one of the first things I found on Craigslist when I started writing on this dang blog (Here’s the post! I used to be much more clever back then..). The Zenith Circle of Sound. So ridiculous looking, overly complicated, so much cheapy 70’s fake wood laminate, so many places for dust to settle – but I love it.
This one is selling for $225.00 in Elk Grove.

Designers: Walter Bosse

20 Apr

In celebration of monday nights cider and bronze “ooooo”ing and “awe”ing animal search, I present to you the super adorable creations of Walter Bosse.
Walter Bosse was born the year of 1904 in Vienna and passed in 1979 in Iserlohn Germany.

Walt made these cute lil’ dudes in the 40’s. He worked for loads of people through out his life;  Metzler (1930), Ortloff Porzellenfabrik in Ilmenau(1930), Goldschieder of Vienna (1928-1932), Geobel (1940’s), Karlsruher Majolika (1950-1972), and Hagenauer of Vienna (1950’s). Currently Design Within Reach has reproductions of his work available for purchase.

“Bosse worked in ceramic but ended up finding “a great love for brass”. His early ceramic figures were used to cast new brass models. Handcrafted in solid brass and hand finished to a golden sheen with black patina, this new style originated by Bosse and partner Herta Baller became known as the “Black Golden Line.” (Via Modern Vienna Bronze)

Austria Brass is a  shop on etsy that carries his work/reproductions.

115.00 Austrai Brass
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Windy Wednesday

20 Apr

What the heck is up?! Why are there so many fantastic lookin’ vanities up for grabs? This classy guy is in Del Paso Heights, Sacramento.

75.00 In Los Gatos

350.00 in Berkley

250.00 in Albany

100.00 in Fremont

125.00 in the mission district.

125.00 in Sacramento

On the internetz: Colorful things to go on your walls

18 Apr

I was going to post this Leah Duncan print last. As kind of the big “POW WOOSH THIS IS GREAT!” impression, but I decided against it.
Seller has a ton of great prints to choose from and even decorative pillows that look fantastic!

This is def a shop worth checking out.

30.00 from deweyand west also check out this print from them:
16.00 from piktorama.
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Take me to the bay.

18 Apr

I have jumped on the industrial furnishings band wagon. I 100% believe that pieces like above would look great with our little Danish style – just use caution. You don’t want to over-do it and have your place look like a factory or a junk yard..

480.00 dresser

150.00 bertoia style.

65.00 in Glen Park

It has always and will forever be my ambition to own a vanity such as this.

185.00 in Marina. It could look nice with that industrial floor lamp.

475.00 for the pair.
What would you call this…rustic modern? Meh? I find these types of furniture very pleasant to the eye. They also seem like they are far enough but not too far from being midmod.
Meaning they seem like good pieces to break up all
that 50’s/60’s flare we have going on in our homes.

140.00 in Richmond

100.00 No more losing the remote control!

75.00 knollock

1000.00 units

75.00 For the luls:
“We have a vintage barbershop chair base with Eames style seat attached and matching ottoman.”
Although today I did see an Eames ottoman being sold for 200.00. So there’s that.

My living room is a cave. There is a huge tree that covers the whole apartment complex and all of my windows seem to face away from the sun. This is great in the summer time but not so great for seeing anything. Especially since thee husband took out all of those gross looking sconces we had in the living room. I’ve been desperately looking for some lighting like this above. The only problem is that they are few and far between coming up in any searches; they are usually far away, and really expensive. BUT they are always super sweet lookin’. Guess I will have to start saving my pennies.

I loooove this desk’s quirky dot hardware!

Jere like Birds in flight wall sculpture-50.00

18 Apr

This thing is going to look so sweet on your walls friend!

Craigslist: There’s gold in those parts yonder

18 Apr

40.00 for this furniture titled “Garage storage.” Location…Southwest?
Original post

Oh hai green! 500.00 in Reno.

120.00 in Elk grove.

75.00 for this wonky good lookin’ desk in Stockton.

This simple and sweet patio set is going for 125.00 in Sacramento.


Comes with two end tables in Penryn.

How to check if it is an authentic Eames Lounge Chair.

17 Apr

Rebecca G. just asked a great question, “How do you know if it is a real Eames lounge vs. a knockoff? Any Pointers?”.

I did a little reseach and found this website The JetSetRnv8r (which is totally awesome, by the way). They provide ways to spot the many subtle differences between authentic Eames lounge chairs and reproductions. Here is part of the list from The JetSetRenv8r:

  • Shell of cherry, walnut, santos palisander or rosewood. Any others are likely fakes.
  • Look for six-inch thick urethane foam cushions with soft leather upholstery.
  • The chair will have a five-legged base (“five-star”) and the ottoman four. Legs rise at a slight angle – they are not flat nor do they rise too steeply creating a “cone” effect.
  • Look for die-cast aluminum back braces – not square tubular aluminum.
  • The bases are also die-cast and painted black with polished aluminum trim.
  • Some copies have a loose cap over the base to hide rough welds or bolts where the legs meet the post.
  • Natural rubber shock mounts and adjustable stainless steel glides.
  • Armrests are curved, not flat.
  • Look at the leather upholstery on the armrest. Fakes often have a single piece of leather wrapped around the edge. Authentic models have a separate piece of leather welting wrapped around the edge.
  • The ottoman is the exact same size as the seat of the chair. In fact, the cushions are interchangeable.
  • Most copies recline, an authentic chair does not.
  • There should be absolutely no visible screws or bolts. None.

Make sure to check out the whole article. They also have articles on how to tell a real from a fake Le Corbusier LC series chair, a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair and a Noguchi coffee table.

Good stuff! Hope that helps, Rebecca.

Around the Bay Area

16 Apr

$85.00 in Santa Rosa for two drawer little dude.

$40.00 in Concord. Marrrrrooooonnnnn.

Same seller getting rid of this chair for $20.00.

$75.00 for chromey eyeball in Daly City.

And I don’t know why, but this little chair is STILL FOR SALE. $45.00 in South San Francisco.

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