There will be light!

2 May

I think I have shared many a times (too many?) how badly my spot needs light. Fancy light, efficient light, evenly distributed light. Light! Craigslist isn’t working, neither is Ikea (I do buy things from stores everyonce in awhile). I’ve looked through all of etsy’s light section and came away with some ideas and some things to purchase these next couple of pay checks.

35.00 Katy Barac make’s so many bootiful things (AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE) I almost wanted to show them all to you. I like this lamp a lot because of all the movement it implies and how simple it is. Katy also make’s really rad mobiles for cheap. I def would advise ya’ll to poke around her store and check out her treasures.

99.00 Sputnik looking lamp is made by hsup.

40.00 by Filigree creations. Loads of midcentury friendly colors to choose from. Even table lamps.

995.00 by Jean & Oliver Pelle. Steep right? But so wonderful looking. It’s like a cluster of magic hanging from your ceiling. J.O.P also makes nifty candle holders that I wont post in this post because this one is all about lights. Trust that I am very tempted though.

35.00 by Pink peace.

132.00 by Mesh. This guy seem’s like he could help put some emphasis in some place that is in need of emphasis.

75.00 by (my favorite breakfast) bagel and cream cheese.

50.00 by Monster Rabbit. Whass that look like. A bootiful shell from the ocean? A finely molded ceramic shape (stretch?)…guis they are spoons! Ha. I totally had you going.

500.00 by Spruce up. I get the impression that the seller’s made this lil’ dude because their description lists all the parts that make this guy whole. Pretty neat how someone can pull all these different things from all over and make it a whole working machine-that looks fancy!

895.00 for this trio pendant hanging dude by Fix studio.
“inspired by mixing bowls and bread dough, we designed these fixtures for a bakery. because they are hand-crafted, each and every one is slightly different.” LIKE YOU!

72.93 by Nelli Anna. I love the texture N. Anna uses to make her pieces by just folding and folding some more. I need to ask my buddy Alicia if she can make something like this.

188.93 for this light that will show you your way (ahuck) by umbu.

110.00 by type writer boneyard. Seller has a couple of cheaper old timey book lamps and drift wood lamps. Also

Vintage filament sells these ol’ time bulbs. Just in case you decide to make something yourself or you need some new ones.

40.00 by midwest. I feel like this is one really well designed little doo dad. The colorful LED lights, the white “bush”, and the wood. It goes together. I am on my way to purchase dude as I typeth. See YA.

One Response to “There will be light!”

  1. Gretchen May 2, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Oooh! Some nice finds here.

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