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Giant sleek teal couch

4 May

Joslyn shared this rad post with us on our Facebook page. Measures a whopping 96 inches long, and is going for only $200.00 in Rocklin! Sacramento people, that’s a hell of a deal that isn’t too far for us! (Original Post)

Pigeon Toe

4 May

I love Pigeon Toe designs! So thoughtful, clean, simple yet quirky. She even sells air plants (chick must be talented if she’s keeping them things alive).



I also really dig Pigeon toe’s business type motto:
“Pigeon Toeʼs aspiration is simple: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. Highly curated and refined, each piece is culled from skilled hands, trained minds and inspired hearts. Founded in 2009, our studio exists in the heart of charming Southeast Industrial Portland. Featuring artisan objects that transcend trends, each piece is an attempt to redefine a new age of homegrown, grassroots aesthetics.

Our designs are naturally imperfect, casually irreverent and playfully charming.

Each piece is treasured. Beautiful. Authentically hand-crafted. Each object emanates enduring value.

The result? Heirlooms that are hardly old-fashioned. Objects that appear discovered, rather than acquired. Objects with a vision, a purpose. A heritage.

Objects with a story.”




San Francisco, you’ve got some nice furniture.

4 May

Actually this is all over the Bay Area, South Bay, and East Bay. But still, y’know it comes up under those SF craigslist postings.

$150.00 chair in SF. Dang that’s all hot and sloped.

$175.00 chair from the same seller.

$50.00 in Santa Cruz.

$65.00 in SF, yo! Convert that plug to battery, y’all.

$120.00 in Oakland. DUDES, THAT’S A STEAL!

$30.00 in HERCALEEZ! Ahem, Hercules. It was a stereo cabinet but got gutted.

$180.00 for these two saucy S-shaped chairsssss. In Santa Rosa!

$85.00 two tiered magazine rack — and a real lusty artsy photo of it, if I do say so myself. Oakland!

I kinda bet it smells. BUT IT’S AWESOME. $150.00 In San Jo! YEEHAW!!

“Oh HEY, you caught me strolling down the sidewalk!”
Lane end table for $130.00.

$25.00 in “The Industrial City.”

Weird little strappy dude for $200.00 in Oaktown.

100 bucks for a display cabinet in Danville, y’all.

Another Danville gem, this credenza with (Jeffrey) Tambor doors. $149.00.

$190.00 craziness lamp.

30 BUCKS! Santa Clara.

This little thang has been around for about a month now. Give it some love.
$85.00 American of Martinsville in Santa Rrrrosa.

I just drank soo much coffee, dudes. I have pretty much been screaming along with my Pandora radio during the transcribing of this post. Y’all welcome.

Want! Can’t have! Petite blonde chest.

4 May

$75.00 in Roseville for this cute little Lane chest. I love those legs. I don’t usually care for blonde 50’s style wood, but this one got sucked into my radar love.

A slow start to a slow day

4 May

185.00 in Fresno. Look at that BLUE.

100.00 for the table and library Brunswick chairs.


25.00 for this tetnis chair.



550.00 for this DUX coffee table.


135.00 for this Lane table and four chairs.

Make it sound like “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”

4 May

So, I have this strong love for terrible radio rap. I know, strange, right? Anyway, I keep spotting all of this MCM furniture in many music videos and I’m going to start sharing them with you guys.

I promise I’ll occasionally throw in some good songs, too. ;)

Angela R. put up a Lil Wayne song today on FB and it somehow lead me to watching this music video. I’m not usually the biggest  fan of 70’s style for my own home, but that credenza/ console under the television is quite lovely.

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