Part one: Office Stuff

12 May

I have been offered by my boss to redecorate my shabby office. I get to paint it and everything! Naturally I am very excited to have complete creative control of such a thing (my first office WOOT WOOT). Here’s some stuff floating around Etsy that you may enjoy.

11.00 Paperwork shmaper work. No big deal till this precious lil’ clip get’s in the mix.

40.00 NOM NOM NOM.

28.00 Hai dont mind me I am just an aduuuurable dog passing through with all your books in my insides.

33.66 I really dislike stray books lying around. Keeping those important ones in a home seems to make things go smoother.

40.00 If you are looking for one of these guys I’d stay tuned into the office section at the thrift stores. Usually they are really unkept and people just neglect to dig around there. I’ve found tons of really rad magazine racks this way and a neat paper orgranizer.

10.99 Originally this lil’ bean is intended for Napkins. Seems to me like it could serve office duties as well.

13.75 Three Letter Q is also selling these rad stacking boxes:


12.99 For that special pencil in your life.

30.00 Lovely lovely Pencil cup!

24.50 It turns into a lil pyramid.

60.00 That COLOR.

27.00 So’s you can remember all those important people in your life or things you must do.

20.00 These screw in the wall for probably light weight items. Like your keys er a light jacket.

18.00 My buddy Jennifer likes to have a lot crystals around her house and they look very lovely scattered about! I figure using Amethyst in your office could serve two purposes-look purdy and paperweight.

2 Responses to “Part one: Office Stuff”

  1. Jonathan May 12, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    I have one of those “Mid Century Modern Design Chrome Memo Holder” things on my desk. I think it was $5 at Target a few years back. Not exactly mid century :)

    • Serene May 13, 2011 at 9:42 pm #

      Yeah I think the whole ‘photo clip/memo holder’ thing got real popular in the late 90’s-early 2000s. But it is very sputnik!

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